Sunday, October 25, 2009

Strange Small Town Facts an Other Ramblings

Sorry I have missed a few days in posting.Bad blogger,bad!I found out and interesting fact about our little town today.In front of our church there is an historical marker.I walk by it every Sunday and have never noticed it.This is extremely odd in the fact that we will drive 35 miles out of our way to read one of these just to find out some obscure person in history camped at that spot one night a hundred years ago.Yep,we are that cool! Anyway, The Boy asked had I ever read it,I hadn't,but preceded to skim over it as not to be late for the very important pre-Sunday school talkin'.In my skimming I discovered the original name for our little community was Coonskin. Yes, you read right,Coonskin.Personally I think they should have kept it.I mean really, how funny would it be to tell folks,"Yep,I live in Coonskin,Texas."Now,I guess considering how many of the varmints we have around here it could be a fittin' name.We have a sort of road across our pasture that goes from the driveway to the little pond.

You can go walk along it and judging by the tracks it is the 'coon super highway!Big ones,little ones,mommas and babies.This is not the best track picture,their tracks look like little hands.

It is no wonder those mentally deficient dogs of Hubby's bark all freaking night long....all night long.Oh,I said that all ready.
Hubby comes home tomorrow,yeah!That will perk up the blog post,we are always super busy when he is home.So for tonight I will just post some random farm picts.Oh, Guinness one of the new goats got bronchitis and had to have a visit to the vet.She is taking her medicine and good doses of probiotics and seems to be on the mend. Nibbles had this once, very persistently,but a change in feed was the answer for her.

Here is some purple basil.I mostly just grow it because it is pretty.

Our sky today,beautiful.

This is Earnest,our sassy little bannie rooster.

Elvis,the king rooster,takin' care of his ladies!

Guineas doing who knows what on the roof the coop. I really like them,but they are slightly crazy.Hmm,probably why I find them appealing!

Here is a blue dutch and buff runner duck "playing 'possum".They act like they are sleeping but their eye is open looking right at you!

One of The Boy's crazy looking Polish chickens.This one was born here this summer.It looks mad about something!They are actually gentle chickens.

For a great end,what could be cuter than a spotted dirty donkey! Here is our,now poke hole free,Bonnie.


Da Bean said...

Poke hole-less critters are good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pricilla said...

Those hairy chickens crack me up.

Julia said...

I love the polish chickens!!! If we ever get our flock all sorted out and managed properly I want a few.

Yer MULE is still adorable.

Great pictures from Coonskin! ;)

Melodie said...

Pricilla and Julia,

Thanks,those chickens are very entertaining,but are a little more work than regular chickens.The other chickens,including other polish,love to peck their head feathers out and they are more likely to fall victim to predators,especially hawks, because they can not see well.Order a few extras,so you have spares,that way is saves on heart break if you lose a few.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

My Polish hen, Dottie, is quite the personality...she runs around like a crazy girl, "chatting" with any human that comes close. She's also, sadly, the lowest in the pecking order. The other girls peck her pretty head feathers until she has a bald back of her head. I guess I would say that I've had mixed results combining an ornamental breed (the Polish) with standard breed chickens. Had an interesting experience with my Polish roo, too, that I wound up having to rehome, 1) because Roopert my primary roo kept chasing him out of town and 2) because the Polish roo was MEAN!
Your Bonnie and Clyde are beautiful - I miss having donkeys around here. Hopefully someday soon I will have a couple more - not six again, but a couple would sure make me smile!
I love your barnyard family - it looks like you've got it really good! :-)