Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hubby is Home and The Boy's Reading Habits

We picked up Hubby from the airport last night.We always leave early to shop,because we don't make it to the big city too often.Our shopping usually consist of buying things that will keep us from returning to the city for a while,because there is a reason we live in the middle of nowhere,we hate the city!We go to Tuesday Mornings,Half Price Books,and some sort of craft store.The craft store is for me,yarn,fabric and the like.Tuesday mornings is for both of us, a discount treasure hunt! Half Price Books is for The Boy.These are the books he got.

And these..

These will last him about 2 months.Yes, we have TV and video games.He still reads this much,and no,I didn't make him get these books!They are his own choices.Why the child practically teaches himself!He selected one more,about the Vietnam War,but Hubby will have to read it first to make sure it is young boy appropriate.Hubby looked at some of the other books and shook his head,said he was glad he didn't have to read them!

Before you see the next picture,no we don't live atop a nuclear waste dump.Weenie's eyes are just glowing because she is happy Hubby is home,as we all are.Yes,we are!


Pricilla said...

Oh how nice for you.
I used to read all manner of things when I was a child too. Still do. Will run from biographies of Caesar and Brigham Young to trashy romance novels. I am currently reading a memoir of a young man from Pakistan. It's whatever catches my interest and then I explore from there. Good for your son.

The history of Russia is fascinating. Been down that reading road.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Hubby is cuuute! I hope he gets to stay home for a while.

kristi said...

Having gotten an MA in history, it was so nice to just read a "mindless" book once I was done with college....the Russian stuff was always a downer but I love Colonial American:) I would gladly send some of "those" books to you:)

Melodie said...

Yes ,is is wonderful to have a child that loves to read!He likes sci-fi and occasionally reads that too,but his love is history.

Thanks,I think so!

The Boy loves all history,the drier and factual the better!Military history is his absolute favorite!He would love to talk to you ,a fellow history person!

Texan said...

How nice your DH is home!

Thats quite a reading list your son has there! :O)...

Melodie said...

Thanks, we are all happy he is home safe!

The Boy amazes me with his thirst for knowledge!