Monday, October 19, 2009

Perfect Weather

Summer still lingers here,but it is loosing it's grasp on us.

The last few days have been almost heavenly.Nights cool enough to snuggle under a few blankets,the days sunny and perfect,no humidity and cool breezes,mmmmm.If every day could be this way.

These are my Grandpa Otts morning glories.They grow up the post of my old shed.

In the goatie world,Doodah is in the dating mood.No,this is not her dating hat,though if it would get her through the fence she would wear it!She is wearing The Boy's boy scout hat!

She is a vocal goat,we call her The Foghorn!She is having terrible longings and desirings to get in with Mr.Tumnus and doesn't care who knows it!He is just as bad,the sounds coming from the goat pen are akin I don't know what really!I guess you'd just have to experience it first hand!The Boy wants to wait until spring to let them....consummate their love.He wants to try and plan it out so he has a goat to milk all year around and can give each girl time off.But hey,if there is a slip up what's the worst that happens?Baby goats,not a bad thing at all!He is very serious about his goats and keeps everything written down and planned out in a notebook and researches goat things daily!

The mallards are getting green heads!I had given up and assumed they were all girls.

Turns out we got 3 fellows and only one gal!You can see they are not that beautiful mallard green yet,but they are getting there.

The white and tan ducks are Fawn Runner Ducks.They are really pretty too,although I don't think they run any different than the other ducks.

If your one of those folks that get creepy feelings over spiders you may not want to look any further!

This cool looking spider is living outside my shed.The pictures don't do it justice,I was having trouble getting focused and the wind was blowing.

It's colors are shiny like the wings of butterflies!I have know idea what kind of spider it is.

I don't have any fears of critters,ticks really gross me out(gross me out,that dates me to the 80's haha) but I am not afraid of them.Hubby hates spiders,The Boy dislikes snakes.He also severely dislikes bears and electric eels,though I don't know why.We could have bears back hear soon.I read and article how they are getting real close to our area.With us being surrounded by national forest,it probably won't be long until we start seeing them.The Boy is none to happy about this,he hopes they allow hunting on them!I told him if that was ever the case he would have to eat it because we don't kill for sport.He assured me he would be happy to eat bear all year!

The Boy just loves to mess with folks,gets that from his Daddy.The two of them are never happier than when they are telling some tall tell!He loves to tell things that make us sound like big ole' hillbillies!He tells people we eat 'possum and coon.How we can tell if a particular piece of roadkill is still good eating.He don't need no doctorin' cause when he gets home his Momma will make a poultice for him,OK that part may be true!He hints around that we have a know stuff like that.I think it is hilarious!Of course as soon as I open my deeply accented hillbilly mouth they believe him.People believe anyone with that accent must eat 'possum pie!Now I am not saying I wouldn't eat those things,heck I probably did on occasion as a child.If times got real bad we would all eat a 'possum in a heartbeat!

The wind is starting to pick up,I have noticed it seems to be very windy here in the winter and early spring.We are surrounded by big oaks,I love the sound of the wind rushing through them!
The Goldenrod are just starting to bloom here.

This can give you all who are all further along in your cold weather an idea where we are in our season.Goldenrod is beautiful,but always comes with it's evil twin ragweed! should be changed to sneeze weed !

Hubby will be home in one week!!!!Yeah !!!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

We don't have a pond or anything, otherwise, I'd love to have some fawn runner ducks.

So glad Hubby will be coming home in a week. Mike trucks for a living, but he is home every night, Wilcox Freight is a puddle jumper for large trucking companies into in our small town.

Melodie said...

I will be so happy when Hubby is home every night!When he is home it is for 3 weeks, day and night, so it kind of balances out,but not quiet the same either.