Sunday, October 4, 2009

Donkey,Goat and Boy Updates!!!

Bonnie is looking good!Though her and Clyde are definitely unhappy about being apart.You should hear the mournful and loud,let me stress the loud part,calling they do to each other.If she is still looking good tomorrow night she can return to her love.

The new goats blended in perfectly!No trouble at all,they are extremely gentle,even the little buck.Since they don't know their names we changed Buckley to Mr.Tumnus from Narnia.He has such a friendly sweet face.

I thought ButterBean might have some issues,Butter Bean could care less he only has eyes for Doodah!Although I think Mr.Tumnus may have been a little confused about Butter Bean,but Bean assured him he was a boy goat!
Doodah was a little worried about establishing she is boss,but when no goatie challenged her she was fine.
Nibbles was the biggest surprise of all.She was very stressed when we introduced Doodah so we were worried about her.No need,she liked Mr.Tumnus...a lot!She began flirting and showing off for him!He is a handsome guy after all!
Guinness acted like she had been here all along.

She has a very easy going,laid back nature.SweetPea is a little shy,but as long as she can see Guinness she is happy.

The Boy is in goatie heaven!

Believe it or not we have other things around here besides goats!Here Is The Boy with Weenie.

We have dogs named Pork and Beans and Weenie!Weenie was here first though.Also we have Rascal,but he was named when we got him or he would have a corny name too!Weenie is really showing her age and slowing down.It's sad when pets do that.It seems like they should be with us forever,then one day you notice how old they are looking and the sad reality slaps you in the face,they may not have many years left.
Notice the shiny thing in The Boys hand and sticking out of his pocket.Those are crushed soda cans wrapped in layers of duct tape.Why,you may wonder did he do that?Journey with me into the strange and mysterious workings of boy minds.He wanted to see if he could make something bulletproof out of duct tape and spent 30 minutes and half a box of .22 shells shooting at these things!Well,maybe one minute shooting at these,he's a good shot.Gets that from his Momma!Then 29 minutes shooting at other stuff.We counted it as a science project!A hillbilly science project!OK,so maybe it was just a way to kill 30 minutes project!He is still bugging me about building that still though........

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