Thursday, October 29, 2009

Throwback Thursday

OK, I completely missed Wordless Wednesday this week!Where does the time go?

So here is this weeks throwback to the past.I really don't have a date on this one .Probably late 40's or early 50's.This is my Granny.Her name was Frankie.I didn't know her well,she died when I was young.It is strange to see this smiling picture of her,because what I know of her life, it was sad.

I think she had 6 or 7 brothers and sisters and she may have been the baby.She was very small,a trait not passed on to me ;) , and nick named PeeWee.When she was little her mother backed up to some kind of heater and her nightgown caught on fire and she panicked and fled.By the time whomever was there caught her and put out the flames it was to late and she died.

For some reason I do not know,like so many things in my family history,her father put all the children in the orphanage.She spent the rest of her childhood there. I do not know what she did after that until she was in her 40's.That is when she married my grandfather and had 2 sons.All I know about my grandfather is that he was supposedly a very cruel and hateful man.I do not know if he treated her this way or just his children and everyone else.The few memories I have of Grannie she was very kind and nice to me.She saved us "silver pennies" and always had frozen coconut cake and coca cola in glass bottles.She let us prowl in her shed for treasure and let us have what ever we found that was treasure in our eyes.By the time I was 10 she had Alzheimers.
I really like this picture of her smiling and happy in a pretty dress.Knowing the sorrow she experienced, it makes me glad she could still find a way to laugh and smile.I wish I had know her better.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

oh my. tough life. but yes, I love that big smile and big hat.

Pricilla said...

Mean man.Ugh!

Very pretty photo

Texan said...

Kind Grandmas, they are so wonderful... :O)... even if you didn't know her super well... these wonderful memories you have of her, aren't they great! :O)...