Monday, October 12, 2009

Misty Mornings

Our morning started out misty.It looks ghostly and surreal,the animals looked other worldly moving in the distance.

OK,you can't see any critters in these picts,but it is perfect for October!We have had a lot of rain and cooler temps the last few days.After this summer I think the whole earth and all it's creatures let out a collective sigh.Sweet relief!

Here are our new girls,Sweet Pea and Guinness,eating their breakfast.

They are getting used to us and their new home.The Boy scratched on them the whole time they ate this morning.

He also hand fed Mr.Tumnus .

Of course, no scratchin' for him.We don't want him too be too friendly with us,and he is a little...OK a lot stinky!It is hard to find the right balance,we want him to be tame and friendly but not think we are his,don't want a head butt to the knee cap!Plus,he is so gosh darn cute!Oh well, like everything else, we'll figure it out as we go!I guess that is is that way for a lot of folks.So many of us "homesteaders"didn't grow up this way,so we don't have that generational knowledge that come from being in a farm family.

I have no idea how to make the animals eyes not glowey.Hmm..spell check said glowey is not a word.

This is my little Satsuma Orange tree,it has flowers!Yeah,I hope it will make some oranges!I will probably have to brace up the limbs if it does,it is a small tree.I have 2 little Myer lemons that I had to do that to.I call them the "Charlie Brown"lemon trees,one lemon and they bent over to the ground!

Here is The Boy's favorite breakfast,sourdough waffles and homemade blueberry syrup.Yes,I know the waffles are not very brown.He likes them to be soft,probably because his teeth hurt and they are easier to chew.

He only has one pint of syrup left after this one.Not nearly enough to last him to next year.I only canned up 5 pints this summer.I didn't get enough picked.It was just too hot.I planted my own last year ,but they didn't make it through the drought even though I watered them.I will try again this winter and plant some more.
Sorry,not a lot has been going on around here,but since it has been a few days I wanted to post.I think I may get to can some green beans today!This makes me very excited because I didn't get hardly anything to can this summer.If I do I will show you tomorrow.


Pricilla said...

Melodie, my Luke is the sweetest, gentlest little buck ever. I pet him and actually give him hugs. The smell doesn't bother me much.

He eats from my hands and follows me like a little dog.

But when he needs to do his job he is erm, very effective.

Michael was more aggressive which is why he is in the freezer...

Melodie said...

Thanks,I appreciate advice from people with experience!I was hoping we could be friends with Mr.Tumnus,he seems so tame.I was worried because most things I read said not to befriend them.In the short time we,ve had him I find it hard to believe he would be aggressive to us, he is so sweet and docile.We are even getting used to his perfume!Thanks again,we will start working more with Mr.T!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I've only had goats for two years, but our MilkDud is very tame and friendly, he doesn't try to head butt us. We pet him all the time. The aggressiveness may depend on the goat, sorta like roosters.

Don't know if this matters, but we have our goats on medicated feed, yes Dud has an odor and it' unique, nothing like what other people describe about bucks though. I was wondering if the medicated feed made a difference towards that. He smells like ammonia.

I love having bucks, ours are very sweet natured.

Melodie said...

Thanks,I an getting more hopeful!I really want to make Mr.Tumnus part of the family and I do appreciate the helpful advice of my fellow goat people.