Monday, November 2, 2009

Want to see what $6,000 Looks Like?

Focus in in the teeth.Yep,we spent the morning at the orthodontist.Believe me when I tell you this smile is fake.

Actually since this is the second go around ,you are really looking at a $ 10,000 smile!Not only is he having full braces and a herps, he got the mid-evil torture device,The Pallet Expander.I,as his loving mother,get to crank this thing every night to force apart the top of his mouth.Neither of us realized he was getting this today.I am sure it was told to me on our last appointment but in all the technical jargon and the you've reached the lifetime max on your orthodontics insurance it some how slipped by me.Talk about mom guilt!I did not have The Boy mentally prepared for this.Did I forget to mention The Boy has a hard time a Dr.'s offices.He really stresses out.He tries hard not to now that he is older.He had meningitis when he was 4 and ever since then he just stresses out,a week in the hospital and 2 spinal taps.Needless to say he did not take it well.I am sitting in the waiting room,he wanted to go in by himself,reading a magazine about turkeys I brought with me,and I look up to see The Boy storm across the waiting room wearing the paper bib and things hanging out of his mouth.He precedes to tell me that they were in the middle of putting in a pallet extender and did I know about this and there is no way in **ell he is getting one of those!He managed to keep his voice down and not make a scene.I finally convinced him to go back and the Dr.,who is very good,stopped and had a long talk with him to try and get more comfortable.Did I mention the mom guilt?

Hubby is working on a barn/shed/shack for the sheep.Tomorrow I am planning on working on the turkey pen.Hopefully a happy farm day.

I was in our little town this afternoon and Hubby calls.You know it is never good when they ask if you can stop by and get some ban-aids!People who know Hubby know exactly what I mean!Don't worry,this time it was fixable with just a band-aid!But from experience I did drive home in a hurry with those band-aids!


Julia said...

I am not looking forward to this period in my son's life. He is currently five, but still sucks his thumb when he goes to bed. I see a big fat pair of braces in his future.

Hope your BOY feels better about the whole situation soon. It is for the long term good. Not that he wants to hear that about now.

Pricilla said...

Awwww, poor Boy. I hope he is feeling better. Braces are no fun. And that palette extender does not sound like it's comfortable.


L. said...

Poor boy, poor you ;) and thank god for that insurance...


Texan said...

Well sounds like some real excitement of the not great kind.. both for your son and DH, I agree never good when they actually ask for a Band Aide!

and don't be guilting yourself, you couldn't tell your son what you didn't know girly!!

Melodie said...

Thank you everyone!