Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weenie Roast

This is Weenie roasting herself!

It's the time of year when most folks houses smell like cinnamon,fresh baked goodies and holiday scents.Not my house.Nope. You walk in my door and smell gently roasting dog! You other pet people know what I am talking about.No matter if they just had a bath, 10 minutes next to and open flame and it bakes out that doggie essence!

Ignore the no trim along the floor and cables and chords running all over.We put the floor down over a year ago and bought some nice wide old fashioned looking trim to go along the wall.Hubby still has yet to do it!Not that he hasn't been doing anything else,he works constantly.He just has problems finishing things completely,because there is always so much to do and if it is "good enough"he moves on.If only one person is like this it can be OK,but,I must confess,I have trouble finishing things too.I have umpteen craft projects started,three different paint schemes on the porch and the kitchen too.
Anyway,back to Weenie.I know, we were real creative with her name.She is weenie dog mixed with something unknown.Actually, we theorize, she was some other small dog that ate a weenie dog whole and it is living inside her giving her an odd,slightly weenie dog appearance.If you knew this dog that would make prefect sense.She has a deep,deep desire to kill.Weenie dogs were originally bred to kill badgers.She only has access to her back yard and the house,so her murderous tirades are limited to lizards,butterflies, clumsy squirrels,baby birds,wandering rabbits,stray chickens.....Why do we keep such an unappealing dog you may ask.Because The Boy loves her.Where we lived before,there was a housing addition being built not far away.This one,um.. ding bat, yes, that is a family friendly word, family adopted Weenie as a puppy, brought her home and promptly threw her out in an unfenced yard and expected her to stay there.Well she made her way over to our house.The Boy was 5.We were in the back yard and he sees something wiggling in the weeds and being a boy,quickly runs over to poke at it.Then I hear in a voice so joyous,as if he had found a pot of gold,"Momma! Look ! It's a baby weenie dog!"
You would've thought it had fallen straight down from heaven sent from the Good Lord Himself!
My first response,as I think all mom's would be was ,"Don't touch it, it may bite!"
Too late.He had touched it.Every mom knows,once they touch it trying to get rid of it is going to mean tears and fit throwing! Actually,The Boy never threw fits.He was as near perfect as a child could be, still is.Don't think I am just one of those moms,who think their child walks on water.I know he is not really perfect ,but he is a really good kid.
I tell him we have to try and find it's owners.No luck.Then a week later the ding bats show up and claim it,um..I mean her.They take her home and throw her right back out in the unfenced yard.In all of about 3 minutes she is back at our house.I have The Boy take her back,she beat him home.After about 2 weeks of this I decide enough is enough and she is our dog,'cause I needed another dog like I needed a hole in my head! They never came looking for her after that first time and that was only because we left a note on their door.
We already had Rascal,but Weenie was extremely playful and loyal to The Boy.What every only child-boy needs.We had to be careful because she couldn't tell when we were rough housing and would try and protect him from us!

It isn't long before The Boy tells me Weenie has a bald spot.If you have ever had a dog with mange you recognize it right away.Terrific!I take her to the vet,get the medicine and start the long treatment.By the time the medicine overtook the mange Weenie looked like some deranged mutant Yoda! Did I mention how bad dogs with mange stink! What I do for that Boy!Then when she is done with that and reasonably hairy again I get her spayed.There is no way the ding bats are getting her back now.Not that they ever tried.I dislike people like that.
Even though Weenie is a few years younger than Rascal,she looks and seems older.She has had many names over the years,Meanie-Weenie,Queenie-Weenie ,Dog with the Evil Tail.Our theory was only her tail was bad and it made her do bad things! These days she is Weenie Gray Beard.Her whole chin is gray.She is plump,sometimes when she lays on her side her legs no longer touch.Instead of spending her days patrolling the back yard like a maniac for intruders,lizards and squirrels,she naps under my bed.If the weather is cool she will lay on the back porch and, if we come out,will make a token effort at chasing some invisible critter from the yard as to show us she is still on the job.I figure she still has some time with us but is is sad how fast the little evil tailed dog has slowed down.My boy's childhood companion.The dog that took every step by his side,protected him from the booger man and went on every make believe adventure.She still has the energy to come running when he calls and play for awhile.Although,it usually ends with her panting in the corner taking a rest.She is not decrepit yet,but just like I can see the day when The Boy is no longer here,the day that makes me misty eyed,I can see also we will be without our mean little mutt.Seems like yesterday they were both just pups.Not to sound too much like an old fogey,where does the time go?
The Boy realizes she is slowing down.Just yesterday he had said it was too bad that dogs don't live as long as their owners.A child's way of saying he is going to miss her one day.
The Boy is going to be 13 in a few months.Teenager.That doesn't bother me,he is a good kid.It makes me realize my time is growing short.I have only 4 or 5 years left before he starts his life on his own.Of course that is my goal as a mother,to have him ready to have a life of his own,but still...he is my only one.Gosh, I must be hormonal today! I started this post talking about the roasted dog smell and got to pre-emty nest syndrome! I miss a few days blogging and my mind apparently is like a derailed train! Oh well.......change of subject before I have to cry. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?


Barbee' said...

This is a sweet post, I enjoyed it. I'm a mother, too.

Pricilla said...


My mother used to breed dachshunds. And Great Danes. In a row house in Philadelphia. With the four of us kids running around. It was a nut house.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Weenie knew a good thing when she saw it. Your boy does sound wonderful. I would have liked to had an animal-loving sweet boy.

Texan said...

Cute post :O)...

Melodie said...


Thank you!


Wow! Sounds like you had a really fun housr growing up!

Thanks,he is a sweet boy,but not an only child because we chose that.I always though I would have a houseful of children.He is my miracle boy.Dr said I would only have a baby with invetro.Hubby was enlisted in the Navy,no way could we afford that.I lost 3 babies to tubal pregnancies.I got a miracle.I do how painful it is when you want a child and cannot have one,or finally get pregnant only to loose it.