Thursday, November 5, 2009

Throwback Thursday

This is me in 1981.I was 10 years old.Big teeth!

Here is Hubby around the same time.Big teeth also!Glad it wasn't just me!

And here is The Boy at age 10.No big teeth!

I don't know how you mix a brunette and a redhead and get a blond,but we sure did!Actually Hubby's family is mostly blond so it is just a recessive genes.I think everyone was surprised though when The Boy came into this world with gray eyes and white hair.Really his hair was so white it looked like he was bald,eyebrows,eye lashes,everything.He didn't start to get that blond color until he was around nine.He was just a step away from albino!He is very tan in this picture,he is usually much fairer,we had spent about a month at Nanna and Papaw's house and they have a pool.As a rule,The Boy avoids hot weather like the plague so he stays pretty fair.He is truly made to live in Alaska,that is actually his goal,to join the Coast Guard and live in Alaska.You will be able to spot him if you make it there someday.He'll be the one with shorts on in the snow!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Ya'll are darling but wish you had added updated photo's too. Hubby looks like Opie in his photo. And hubby works on an oil rig in China? wow.

Pricilla said...

Hubby does indeed look like Ron Howard. heh heh
You are a youngster!

Melodie said...

Joanna and Pricilla,
Yes, Hubby looked like Opie, especially in his younger pictures.Too,too cute!He does not look like Ron Howard as an adult though.Also unlike Ron,he has a lot of hair,Sorry Ron!