Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Goatie Goat Updates

It has been awhile since I have posted about our goatie goats so I thought I would give everyone an update .

Butter Bean and Nibbles love The Boy! Any time he is around they are all over him like dogs!They want pettin' and scratchin' and to be in his lap.They were bottle babies and you can tell a difference in them and the other goats for sure.Not only are they extremely affectionate,they are bad and mischievous!

Nibbles is the worse, she lives to squeeze out the gate every time one of us come through it,then run around like a chicken with her head cut off! Feeding time is like trying to tag team wrestle.The two of them see you coming with that feed bucket and it is like a bell rang in their heads to start a cage match!
I am glad Butter Bean is a weather because this Fall he came into rut and was horrible! I can not imagine what the little toot would have been like if he still had ...money in his coin purse.He was after Doodah constantly,and she wasn't even in heat! Her luscious booty drove him crazy! He was relentless,we had to separate them! Every time I saw him after her the "I Like Big Butts" song played in my head!Doodah is bigger than him.
We love these crazy little goats! Here he is giving us "the goat eye"!

He is the only goatie that turns his head around to look at things,he does it real slow,it is silly looking!

Nibbles is also jealous of little Sweet Pea, who lives up to her name.She is just the sweetest little thing,wants petting all the time,but Nibbles likes to chase her off so she can get all the scratchins'.

You can see how big she is getting.I think The Boy is going to pop before Sweet Pea does.He is for sure we were giving the wrong due date and she is going to have her babies sooner!It is worse than waiting to open Christmas presents!

I have to admit,I am more than a little excited about babies myself!

Doodah has officially had a date night! Things are so much quieter when they get a date night! Last time she was in the mood we didn't let her visit Mr.Tumnus.You would have thought the Banshee was a visiting!The wailing and moaning,geesh!

I don't know if she is passed out or pigging out here !

She is defiantly eating in this one!

Doodah is great goatie.She is friendly and well behaved unlike the before mentioned heathens!

Guinness is still a little standoffish.Here she is mid-cud chew.

She will come up to see if you have anything for her to eat,but doesn't like scratchins'.All in all she is a well behaved goat,never acting bad.The Boy is a little disappointed because he wants all the goaties to be like Butter Bean and Nibbles!He thinks he will win over Guinness though, with a little time and patience.

Last but not least Mr.Tumnus.Here he is in the wheelbarrow,the boy was cleaning out their houses and he had to check it out.Usually, it is Nibbles the Mischievous who dumps over the wheelbarrow!

I love his color.He also does not like to be scratched.He is not mean or aggressive and comes right up to us.

I can not wait to see what kind of babies he makes with our girls.We will see in the Spring! So there you have,the official goatie goat update!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

I LOVE all the goatie pictures! Makes me wish all over again that we had the resources to have some of our own.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I wonder why ButterBean turns his head to see? All your goats look very healthy. I just had to treat one of my wethers (and the others for good measure), with Ivermetin Pour On for biting lice, squirting the liquid on the skin as ya part the hair. Your photo with the boy and the goats on him, he has the childhood that any kid would desire and look back on many years later fondly.

Melodie said...

He doesn't do it all the time,I think it is just a quirky little habit!Butter Bean had lice when we got him and worms but our vet Ms.Merry,gave him a shot of Ivomec and he was all good.The Boy loves the farm.it is why Hubby and I decided to buy it,to give him this life.

Farmgirl Cyn,

Gaoties are addictive!

Pricilla said...

Did you try scratching Mr. T. just under his eyes. My Luke loves that. And at the base of his tail.

But I got Luke as a baby so that might have made a difference in why he is so affectionate.

They are all adorable.

Texan said...

oh my I had to laugh... yes the boys are quite well ahem intersted in the girls... I loved your "money in the coin purse" Tee hee ... that was cute

Our little Rubix Cube has been unlike any boy goat born here...he hit the ground "practicing" well okay he was actually 3 days old when he started that...yes three days old and he hasn't stopped since.. its the "only" thing that goat thinks about!! LOL Our herd sire Harrison has put him in his place many times but well it doesn't seem to sink in very well... poor Rubix his life mission is the girls ... and well he isn't the herd sire...

Looks like a good group of goats you have there :O)... they are so fun aren't they!

Melodie said...


Thanks,we are going to keep trying with Mr.Tumnus.

I never thought that goats would be our thing!It started with just one for The Boy now look at us!They are our favorite critters!