Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Purplehull Peas

They only need one word...YUM!!!

Most southern people love purplehull peas.I'm sure most of us have that childhood memory of sitting on the porch on humid summer evenings shelling peas.The purple stained thumbs and fingernails.We didn't care because most folks had the same purple thumbs and if the didn't they knew why yours look dirty.

At my house if you made the mistake of sitting down somewhere,anywhere you were handed a bowl of peas to shell.You had better not hand that bowl back half shelled either!If you wanted to watch TV you had to shell some peas!Only place we didn't shell peas was riding in the car,I don't know how we escaped that!

My granddad made a pea sheller out of and old ringer washing machine.I wished he'd made one for us!
I am thrilled my little fall garden has given us several messes of peas.I was afraid it had gotten too cool for them,I guess not.They are The Boy's favorite veggie.So here's to good,simple,homegrown food and purple thumbs!


Julia said...

Do you dry them and then cook or eat after hulling?? They are pretty to look at for sure!

Melodie said...

No,we don't dry them,we eat them fresh.The pods start off green and when they get big and turn purple they are ready to pick.Then we cook them or can them,you could also blanch and freeze them.