Friday, November 27, 2009

Homemade Giving

A lot of crafty folks have been posting about their homemade Christmas gifts.Next year I want to try and make most of my gifts.I am learning to knit,I love it!My dream is to one day have my own fiber animals and spin my own yarn.Yesterday,I spent the day watching T.V. with The Boy and knitting.As a general rule, all day TV is a no-no unless you are sick.It started with the Thanksgiving Day parade and snow balled from there.I knitted 2 large dishcloths so the day was not a waste.

I got the pattern from Homespun Living. Click here to go right to the pattern.

I really like this pattern.These 2 are going to be part of a gift along with a jar of my homemade organic strawberry jam.

I am tickled pink at how cute a gift this is! I love homemade gifts.The time and care that goes in to them far surpasses the money aspect of gift giving.A gift of love.Isn't that what it is supposed to be about, giving a gift as a symbol of the greatest love gift ever given to us.

Last year I gave out a lot of homemade soap,but this year I am behind an didn't get extra batches made in time.It is nice to have a little something for the nice people in my life like my Sunday school ladies,the people who help with scouts,the mail lady.I think I will give little jars of homemade jam this year.Anybody out ther have a good holiday jam or jelly recipe,like spiced apple or something else that sounds festive, that they would like to share?


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Did you know about oven curing your soap? I heard about it from another soapmaker. After you pour it into wood (or something ovenproof to 175F) molds, put it in the oven at 175F for 2 hours, shut oven off and leave soap in oven till cool, preferably overnight. The soap then only has to cure for another week or two!
I love the dishcloth pattern. Who wouldn't want such a sweet gift???

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I love this side of Christmas, giving and receiving homemade things. I hate the whole retail side of Christmas. Your knitting far surpasses mine, I haven't been disciplined enough to follow a pattern but you have inspired me. Although I don't have fiber animals, I certainly enjoy following a couple of blogs of gals that do. I like seeing some of the felting they do too, especially little felted critters. We've had wintery weather last couple of days so we haven't been outside much but tomorrow is supposed to be better though.

Melodie said...

I hate the retail side of Christmas too.I long for the times when it was simple, like in the old black and white movies,sigh..

Farmgirl Cyn,

I did not know of this ! I will definitely give it a try,thanks!

Pricilla said...

What a lovely gift. I am sure the recipient will be thrilled.

Melodie said...

Thank you!

Texan said...

Homemade gifts are just the best I agree!!

I am itching to learn to make soap!!

and yummy organic strawberry jam!! Your cloths turned out just super!!

I knit one washcloth, well it was sort of not square really and ya it was suppose to be LOL...

Pretty quilt all your pictures were taken on :O)

Melodie said...


LOL,I have some of those not so square dish clothes in my kitchen drawer too!

The quilt top was made by Hubby's grandma.I will show it in my next post.

You are a country girl,you will be a great soap and jam maker!

Julia said...

Home made is the new trend I think. Everybody is finding a way to make something again. I think it is about time!!

Your knitting looks tidy and neat. Well done. I can't knit a thing. I think I'd probably poke out my eye... but I can sew a little and can make a mean reversible apron at least.