Thursday, November 12, 2009

Throwback Thursday

Welcome once again to the past! The week we go back to 1955....

This is my MIL,aka, Nana.Sorry Nana,it is your turn!I have no idea why she is not centered unless she was falling off the stool when they were taking her picture!Wasn't she a cute little thing.Nana is a tiny person,most of her adult life she never broke a 100 lbs! You know the old saying dynamite comes in small packages?Well her picture is on the label of that pack of dynamite!
Nana is a good MIL and a good Nana too.She sent me a package in the mail last week for no reason,just because I am hers.It had a cute dish towel done by one of her friends who machine embroideries, with a rooster on it.My kitchen has a lot of chicken stuff.I can't help it,I like those little fluffy butted creatures!

It also had some wonderful hand spun yarn from The Spinning Spinderella.

She was at a little craft show and there was this nice lady,Leslie, there spinning.She called me so excited because she knows how much I want to do that and told me all about it and gave Leslie, the Spinning Spinderella, my blog address too.
Me and Hubby are different from the rest of the family,but Nana seems happy to let us do our own thing,even if she doesn't understand why we are a little weird! She never gives us a hard time and always tries to find someway to support us.I am not talking with rose colored glasses,we have had a few disagreements over the years,but let's face it,in almost 19 years who wouldn't.
You would be hard pressed to find a better MIL,thanks Nana!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

that embroidered rooster is awesome. I have a lot of chicken stuff, wish I had more turkey stuff, around my house.

Nana is very cute.

Texan said...

Lovely gifts from Nana,,, and yep sounds like to me you have a good MIL... and I agree in 19 yrs who wouldn't see a few things differently and thats okay as long as everyone can have their own opinion that works out super :O)...

I always say doesn't matter to me if anyone agrees with me, but let me have my opinion and you can have yours :O)...

I keep telling myself I have two girls (chickens) and thats enough eggs... I don't need anymore... but oh my there are so many pretty chickens... We had 25 at one time raised them from babies... ahem, well we didn't know so many things wanted to eat chickens! No free ranging now at all.. they stay in the pen! Where they are mostly safe!

Pricilla said...

That was so sweet of her! My mother in law is 96 now and not so spry any longer...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Melodie for the lovely compliments.
I think you are pretty terrific also.
I may not gave birth to you but have always thought of you as my daughter from the time you married J. Papaw and I admire you and J
lifestyle. That is the way we grew up, livestock, gardens, canning,etc. We were doing "free range"before the term came into effect.
love to you all

Melodie said...

Turkeys would be a great theme!

We had a hard time keeping our poultry at first,we fed a lot of varmints.We were not prepared for how wild it is here.I think we have it down now.It is hard to choose a breed of chicken,especially if you have a catalog to look at.We always want a few of everything!


Wow 96 !!!