Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dogs Like Christmas Too !

If you are slightly ..well..crazy like we are,and you have annoying little house dogs that you make Christmas stockings for every year, you will want to enter this free give away.
Yes,I said it .We make Rascal and Weenie Christmas stockings filled with doggie toys and goodies.You see, The Boy is an only child,so the dogs are kind of substitute siblings and it is fun for him to pick out goodies to fill their stockings for the holidays.The spoiled Pooches know they have goodies in their stockings because we've been doing this ever since we've had them.They get quiet excited when it is time to open presents.

So, here is the give away.It is from Broken Teepee and Lucky Dog Treats Company.If you win you will receive an order of dog treats of your choice.These are yummy,for dogs of course,homemade doggie treats.I know our pooches would love to get these in their stockings!


BlueRidge Boomer said...

We're just as crazy......Mia, Max and Miss Kitty have their own Christmas Tree!!'s about 24" high, with lights and dog/cat ribbon sit on the hearth every year....


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I was an only child too so I was always allowed one pet (we lived on the city).

Of course Santa Claus leaves presents for my pets too. And one year I strung lights in the chicken coop, was so cute in there.

Melodie said...

Joanna & BlueRidge Boomer,

I am glad to know there are other people like us out there!

Pricilla said...

heh heh. the Farm cats get some treats too.
Thanks for posting about the giveaway!