Saturday, November 7, 2009

As The Boy calls Them,Nasty Ducks !

Or what happens when you go off and forget to turn off the water to the trough?

At the end of my morning chores,often done in p.j.s and rubber boots,I noticed the trough needed filling.So,I chunked in the hose and went back inside to my coffee and blog land, fully intending to go back out in 10 minutes or so to check on it.I really don't know why I thought I would make it back out,I never remember and always flood the ground around the trough.This morning was no exception.

About 2 hours later,yes,I said 2,I went out to pick some purple hull peas from the garden and noticed all the ducks were in the pasture having something akin to duck polka fest!There was loud duck dancing and quacking and laughing and sloshing and wing flapping and ...well you get the picture.

Our ducks don't care what kind of water it is,in this case sewerery cow poop water,all water is like crack to them.They will get in to any water and go to all lengths to do it.They left their beautiful green pasture,with water I might add,to go and dance and waller their bills in a lovely stew of cow,horse and donkey poop soup.Oh well,to each his own I guess!

So I proceed to round them back around to their lovely green yard as they quacked what I am sure were some kind of duck obscenities at me.As soon as they get in they waddle them selves right back over to where the got out in the first place!When they got there they found it blocked with a board I halfheartedly put there in hopes they would be lazier than me and not try to get past it.

Notice the sad,sad little apple tree.The sheep were very kind to prune it for me one day.

Look at this duck.

What's the matter ?Got a little somethin, somethin, on you!Yeah,it would be Poop water!Geesh!


Pricilla said...

Silly quackers!

thanks for the blog post about my giveaway Melodie. I appreciate it!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

so they had a splish-splashing good time?

Texan said...

oh dear 2 hours of running water... OY!!

LOL Ducks are so funny, we ohly have the two Peter and Charlotte ... yours looked to be having a good time :O)

Julia said...

I've done the same thing. I look out the window and there is this river going between the horses fields. *sigh*

BUt I don't have fun ducks to play in my mess.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

This is so funny! My husband has done that so many times before! I tell ya, if I don't set a timer or just stand there, I would forget just as easily as you!