Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Throwback Thursday

Today I am only going back a little way,to after hurricane Ike.

These are some photos of what it looked like around here after it passed through.These trees were huge,the pictures don't capture how big they really were.So I put in ones with The Boy standing next to them.I painted him on a shirt! He would be mortified if I put a picture of him on here with out a shirt on!

I miss this tree.It was getting rotten so I am not surprised it fell.It's not the tree itself I miss, it was ugly.I miss the red headed woodpeckers that always lived there.They would come and eat suet from my feeder and take back a beakful back to their nest.

That roof did not get smashed,it was already laying there.That is the roof we recycled.
We are nowhere near the coast.We are 112 mile driving distance from Galveston.

This was one of my favorite trees,I was sad to find it was not strong enough.

This was the Boys tree house,which is now recycled into the turkey coop.These are just huge limbs on it, not trees.

I am so thankful one of these trees did not fall on our house.We have a huge one that leans towards the back of the house,if it fell it would get most of the house.

Most everything is cleaned up now.There are a few big logs and a few stumps,but the scars on the land are still visible if you know what to look for.Me and The Boy road this hurricane out by ourselves.Hubby made it home a few days later.We lived in Pensacola when Hubby was in the Navy.There we went through a couple of small hurricanes, in a mobile home no less!They were nothing.This was scary.I can not imagine having been closer to the coast and riding this out! Lots of folks did though ! So, there you have it! This probably set us back 6 months working on our place,but we were all OK and we didn't have anything significant smashed.I say we did pretty good!


Pricilla said...

Whoa - that was a big tree.
I went through a couple of small hurricanes in NJ but our biggest problems were the Nor'Easters. Three days of unrelenting high tides, wind and rain. Ugh! 5 feet of water in my yard...

Da Bean said...


Julia said...

That storm must have scared you. It scares me just looking at your pics. We get windy weather here but I can see it is really weak in comparison.

The boy's shirt is cute. Heh heh.. It took me a second to realize that it was painted on. Good job mom!