Thursday, January 28, 2010

What do Your Goaties Like?

I have read at other peoples places about the some of the different treats their goaties are addicted to...I mean, about their treats of choice!

I have tried some of the things that other folks goats like, so far they have all gotten a no thank you from our goaties! Actually,it was more of a snort which means... well...something not nice in goat talk! Then they turn around and give me that talk to the tail thing!

Our goaties want nothing but butter crackers! Yep ,butter crackers. They love the tasty little things,and really, who wouldn't ! Mr.Tumnus and all the other goaties have also developed a love for the butter cracker!

It all started with Butter Bean of course, being our first goat and all. He was a bottle baby and lived in the house until he and Nibbles were weaned. I have a wire rack on my pantry door and on the bottom I keep,you guessed it ,the butter crackers! Butter Bean was drawn to the smell of their buttery goodness,that and the fact they were the only thing he could reach in the pantry!
Once we gave him one he was addicted! He knew when ever the pantry door was open.It was as if a heavenly choir sang,..Ahhhhhh..and a voice from above said"The dwelling place of thine delicious buttery cracker has opened,go forth and feast young goatie!"
He would run to the pantry door and begin a pitiful attempt to gnaw open the box! How could we resist such cuteness!

That is Butter Bean in the back round waiting for his!

Nibbles joined us a short time latter and was immediately in love with the butter crackers! That is not saying much really.Nibbles is the sort of goatie who eats everything! If the other goats don't want it she will eat it! She is the only one who will suck anything out of a syringe! Take worm medicine for example. We have to wrestle all the other goats and force them to take theirs. Not Nibbles,nope! She'll take hers and everyone elses if she can get away with it!

There is one other thing they like as a treat when we have it,gum-gum! No,not real gum! Although, I am sure Nibbles would eat that too! We just call it that because they look like they are chewing a big wad of gum! It is a piece off an alfalfa cube. They love that when we have it! It is so funny to watch them! I don't have a picture of that ,sorry! We don't have those all the time,we do have butter crackers though and that keeps them happy!

So what do your goaties like?


Texan said...

Our goaties like Licorice treats, alfalfa, and they love Kudzu vines! They will eat those as long as we will pull them down for them! Used to be a lot of them in our woods, but the goats have thinned down any they could reach...Now we pull them down for them. They also consider goat rations a treat as we rarely feed them any, so they get pretty excited over that as well.

Pricilla said...

Pricilla likes potato chips - that's leftover from her old Farm. They didn't like the apples at first - well Cilly did but the others now have learned to love them. I think they need to learn what's good for 'em.

goatgirl said...

Animal cookies.