Monday, January 25, 2010

City Mouse,Country Mouse

You all remember the story of the City Mouse and the Country Mouse.The City Mouse goes to visit his country cousin, we had our own version of that this weekend!

(To put in prospective how gia-normouse The Boy is,he and City Mouse are the same age!)

Every year The Boy's Nana and Papaw come and visit around his birthday.They were here this week end and brought one of The Boy's cousins,we will call her City Mouse.City Mouse has spent her entire life in a big city in Southern California,she recently moved to Texas but still is in a big city.She is one of the sweetest,well mannered, pleasant young ladies I have been around ever.So I say to our sweet City Mouse,please come and visit again!

City Mouse was excited about visiting her country cousin and seeing all the animals.I could tell she was a little unsure at first but, she has a little bit of country girl in her heart I think, she didn't let that stop her!

She helped with all the farm chores! She took turns helping me, then The Boy with our different animals.

She was undaunted when all these big, hungry farm animals surrounded her!

She even risked getting "donkey lipped" to give Clyde his mean treat!

Of course, Anna Belle had to have a treat too,who could resist such a cute and tame little Irish Dexter calf!

The thing City Mouse wanted to do the most was gather eggs! That is a sign of a farm girl heart for sure! The first day the lazy girls only laid one! The second day she got three! Then, the day she left I got 3 and two were green,I am sorry she missed the green ones!

One was a bullet egg! That is what we call the skinny pullet eggs because when The Boy,being a typical military obsessed man child,first saw a pullet egg he said those chickens are laying bullets! I told City Mouse if she visited this spring or summer,we often get a dozen or more a day!

You all know Murry got a lot of extra attention this weekend! He almost ran his little legs off keeping up with City Mouse and The Boy!

Here is a picture of Murry all worn out and sleeping in my lap while I watched TV last night!

So there you have it,a fun filled farm weekend! I love being able to show how we live to people who have never seen it before. When Nana ask City Mouse what she thought about country life she said it is a lot of work! She was here in the slow time, just wait until spring!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

These photos are so cute! It's always so much fun to show off our little farms, isn't it?

I also commented on your other recent post, but it never showed up. We are looking to rent Food, Inc. this week. Don't REALLY want to see, it, if you know what I mean? Just know we NEED to.

Pricilla said...

It is a lot of work but it's fun work.
She is very cute and I'm sure she had lots of fun!

Vickie said...

Good morning Melodie - thanks for coming by my blog! I see your little City Mouse had a wonderful time in the country on the farm! I bet she's gonna wanna come back the first chance she gets.

I read your article, too, about the food problem in the world, and I totally agree with the Dr. It's getting scary out there to really think about what we put in and on our bodies. It's gotten way out of hand. I hope it turns around and people start getting smart about food and personal products and our environment. Thanks for a great post!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

as a young girl I would have LOVED to come and visit your farm, in fact, you'd have to call the cops to get me to leave.

You sure are lucky to be abke to wear summer clothing, this time of year, and the ground looks DRY! it's mudville here.

Melodie said...

Farmgirl Cyn,

Thanks! I am sorry your post didn't show up! Yes,the reality of our food system is like a horror movie nobody wants to see!


I hope she had lots of fun,she is a cutie!


We are just having a little freak warm spell,it is going back to normal winter weather Thursday.We are usually a mud pit all winter but the last week of 70's has dried us out some!

IanH said...

This is what it is all about! Teaching kids about life! You have created moments that she will cherish for life! Way to go!

Ruralrose said...

Great post, made the hairs stand up and the eyes water! To me, one of the greatest joys in life is communion with nature and to reveal that magic to another person is a beautiful thing indeed. I am so happy for you, yipee!!

Texan said...

City Mouse is just as cute as a bugs ear and it looks like she had a good time! I bet she is looking forward to her next visit :O).

Murry oh my goodness, he is tooooooo cute!!! He is also spoiled rotten :O) tee hee...

Julia said...

Wonderful to have a city girl come to the country!!!! I can really tell she is a city mouse since she is wearing WHITE!!!! I don't think I own a single item in white.... for obvious muddy reasons. :)