Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Things Come in the Mail

One of the great things about blogging is all the kindred spirits who seem to find each other! I have made a lot of friends through my blog and one of the best is Texan. She has a great blog where she talks about her farm,lots of goaties , some ducks and chickens and sewing and learning new things!It is all about her life as a farm girl! We entered a contest at the Apron Goddess to win an apron.Now, I can sit down at the sewing machine and run material through it but the end result is, well....let's just say it is never what I had hoped for.Surely not what the pattern maker had in mind either!

When I had commented that I needed and apron because the ones I had made were...sub standard she entered in the contest and ask if she won could I have the apron ! She sews wonderfully and makes her own! Now,I ask you,how sweet is that!?!

We didn't win.So my friend,Texan,sent me a comment that she is going to make me an apron! It came in the mail Saturday but with all the drama and sadness around here I haven't been able to give it a proper post. She even put the name of my farm on it.

She said she gave it big pockets for Clyde's treats,he has a problem you know! Also,cute rooster material which I love! I have chickens all over my kitchen that if I ever get painted I will show picts of!

So a great big ole' THANK YOU to my friend Texan ! I absolutely love it! Oh, and so will Clyde!

The Murry von Furry Pants update.

I had flash backs all night to when The Boy was a baby! Hungry cries every couple of hours! The Boy and Murry slept in my room last night,it is the warmest room and we had 20* last night. I have a futon couch in my room so he slept on that.I also discovered The Boy has that man gene which enables him with the ability to sleep through a baby crying no matter how loud it is! I had to wake him but he faithfully got up ever 2 hours to feed little Murry! I will do it tonight so he can have a rest.

Murry is already one spoiled goatie! This is him, little head on a pillow,covered in his blankey, hovered over by The Boy!The picture is blurry because The Boy wouldn't stop making faces and I couldn't stop laughing!

I have to keep reminding The boy that if he never puts Murry down his legs can't grow strong! The Boys was also worried Murry was cold so I made him a coat out of an old sock,no sewing involved,just cutting! I can do cutting!

This satisfied The Boy who,by the way, is trying to convince me to carry Murry in my purse when we have to leave the farm! Well...nothing is beyond reason around this funny farm!


Texan said...

Glad you like the apron ... :O)

Murry is just cuteness I tell you just cuteness and is one spoiled rotten little goatie!!

Great job on his little coat :O)...

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Oh, the apron is beautiful, I know you will treasure it. You must start sewing goat kid sweaters, Murry is precious. Do you have any goat folks around you that do disbudding? It does hurt the kids for a few seconds but then they go right back to playing like nothing happened. The horns get 'em in trouble sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Apron. Murry is so precious. He is one lucky little kid to have such a loving family. Adorable picture of your son laughing and the baby with his head cuddle up on the pillow.

Melodie said...

Thanks,you are right I will treasure it. I don't know anyone who disbuds their goats around here,all the small ones have horns.I have read stories where they sometimes get in trouble,they are mischievousness little critters!


Thank you.That Boy keeps me laughing!

Pricilla said...

The apron is beautiful. Texan should start selling them!

We don't dehorn ours and they have been fine if you want the other side of the erm, horn.

Melodie said...


She could do an etsy shop! I do appreciate the other side of the horn! It is not really an option for us anyway, as I know of no one who does it.

Ruralrose said...

what a rollercoaster you have been on - so great about the apron what a wonderful lady she is. If i remember right it was an apron post that brought us together too. Watching your son take delight in real life is pricelessly awesome, isn't it?!

Melodie said...

Who knew aprons were such magical things!Yes,watching the Boy experience life is wonderful.I couldn't imagine life with him gone most of the day at public school!

goatmilker said...

The apron is beautiful. The goat in the house I know how that goes we have had to do that a time or two. Oh but it is so fun. Great memories in the making. Have a great night Rebekah.

Melodie said...

We have done it before but never with a new born! It is fun!

goatgirl said...

That is one cute baby goat. Your story reminds me of the time my son had his new puppy in a crate in his room. In the middle of the night the puppy started howling and screaming. I went in and my son was lying with his ear right by the crate but was still sound asleep. I guess that's what mommas are for.

Melodie said...

Yep! those boys need us for sure!