Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Farm Things

I wanted to post some pictures of Murry. I would like to say it is very hard to get a good picture of him! He is never still! Most of the pictures look like this!

He has gotten that baby goat bounce. He never walks, just bounces along behind us! Well, when he leaves his heater.

We have a little electric portable heater turned all the way down on low so it just blows warm air for Murry.Murry really loves his heater! It makes a good baby..I mean goatie sitter!

The chickens are laying again! Just in the nick of time,I was an the verge of having to actually buy eggs! I am not getting a huge amount, just a couple a day.At least it is a start!

I think a bowl of farm fresh eggs just brings a smile to farm girls every where. How could you not love those lovely brown, full of goodness,fresh from the hen eggs!?!? Just to know you will be using these health filled beauties to feed and nurture your family! The though of using those pale pasty grocery store eggs....I'll just do without thank you!

I am ready to get some seeds started.Tomatoes, peppers,egg plants......I know it sounds early but last year it got so hot so soon my tomatoes wouldn't set fruit.

This year I am going to make sure I get them going a little earlier.I heard at the feed store that we are supposed to have a long cool spring.You know you can bet money on those old timers at the feed store predictions!
I am also trying a large variety of tomatoes this year.I want to find several varieties that do well here and save seed. I started my seed saving efforts last year with a few things.Moon and Stars watermelon did really good and was delish! I definitely recommend this watermelon,it is a beauty inside,with bright orange flesh, and outside with it's moon and stars! I also saved some red okra seeds,okra pretty much does good in heat no matter what,but I liked the red and I save some seeds from that.Of course,some flower and herbs too.Purple basil is one of my favorites!
My biggest challenge is just getting a successful garden so I can save some seeds! Hopefully I will catch a break this year since last year was so horrible! That's how it is supposed to work...right?
So we are off this afternoon to take Sweet Pea to get her stitches out.I hope it will be OK for her to go back to the rest of the goaties.I don't think she has stopped her endless complaining this whole time! No such thing a peace and quiet of country living! That's OK,I wouldn't have it any other way!


Texan said...

Murry is ADORABLE!!!

I hear ya on the eggs, I had a chat with my girls yesterday! I am totally out of eggs!

I see we ordered some of the same seeds :O)... I am hoping your old guys at the feed store are right, a long spring would sure be nice for the gardens!

Hope Sweet Pea can go back out :O)...

Pricilla said...

We can't grow watermelon up here...season's too short.

We won't look to seedlings for another month or so.

Murry is soooo cute!

IanH said...

You know how to hurt a guy! Getting seeds already! We start thinking about it around the end of may and plant after the full moon in June. It almost makes a guy want to move south!

Melodie said...

Thanks! I hope those old timers are right too!

You all can grow a lot of the yummy cool season crops we struggle with.Too bad about the watermelon though!

Wow,that's a lot of winter!

Melodie said...

I have been trying to comment over at your place but I can not.Don't know why.So if you check back here,just wanted to let you know I am still visiting!

RiverBend Farm said...

Murray is soooo cute! Years ago we raised an orphaned triplet..she was so tiny. We, too, raised her in the house. Actually, my daughter kept her in an antique doll cradle.
Ah, the days ahead of you...

Julia said...

The baby next to the heater is precious! And we've jump started our seeds already too. Tomato's tomato's tomato's. I can taste the salsa now!! ;)

melanie said...

I can't decide which makes me more jealous - starting seeds now, or the incredibly cute goatie in the house...

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, I *love* random farm things!!
Murry is so see him next to that heater, it shows just how tiny that little guy is! I can just picture him bouncing around the house...awwwwww

My hens have picked up on their egg-laying too (yay!). I actually got 5 (!!) from my 9 hens day before yesterday - and I'm on track to beat my November and December egg counts this month.
I'd love to know what varieties of tomatoes you're planting this year. I can't quite read the seed packets in your photo...
Great post! :-)