Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh My Gosh It Is Cold!!!!!

It has gotten grit your teeth cold here and the arctic blast,and I do mean BLAST,hasn't even made it full force yet! We have winds gust of over 30 MPH and a feel like temp of below freezing.Once it gets to freezing Mr.Weather Man says it will be Saturday before we get back up above it again! Remind me where I live again...oh yeah ...SOUTH east Texas!
I had to go to the vet yesterday and get Sweet Pea some shots to keep her contracting and they worked!!!! She is still not done yet so I had to drive the 50 mile round trip to go get her a few more this morning just to make sure she gets all that out ! That wind was trying to push me off the road. We have done all we can think of for our animals,we will just have to watch and pray now. Sorry I don't have any pictures today,I will do better next time!I am off again to see a friend in the hospital and try and get back before it is too bad. Stay warm and safe everyone!


Pricilla said...

I understand cold...

I am glad she is progressing well. She is such an adorable little thing.

Stay warm. and safe!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Global warming? I don't think so!
We've got 4-6" of new snow thru today, but that will be it for the week. Makes me itchy for spring, for sure!

Laura said...

I so sympathize with you. I know what its like to be shocked by actual winter weather.
Those of us who never get it are sadly ill prepared. I will be sending warm thoughts your way.

Laura said...

I can so sympathize, those of us who live in places that don't have "real" winter are very ill-prepared when these odd snaps come along. Sending warm thoughts to you and your critters!

Melodie said...



Farmgirl Cyn,

I am so ready for spring,I usually love winter here,not this year!

Thanks! It wouldn't be so bad if we had this all the time,we would be prepared,this freaky stuff just throws us for a loop!

Texan said...

Can you believe how cold it is and tonight 14 with wind chill 0 ...Girly someone has transported us from East Texas to Alaska!

I hope Sweet Pea can finish her job :O). Sounds like she is doing good for all she has been thru!

Melodie said...

We are not quiet as cold as you but ...brrr! Hope you all stay warm!

Texan said...

Hey girly I edited my post.. added in a few links to over here and to Clyde's story ;o)...not sure where my head was earlier when I made that post LOL ... I know everyone would love to come see your Clyde and all your great animals :O)... I think my brain was probably frozen earlier lol...Sugarcube is holding off so far on going into Labor we are watching really close. She is still swollen but the other issue seems to have stopped for now!

Melodie said...

Thanks, you are too good to me! I am so glad Sugarcube is doing good!