Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I See Stars

In Texas the folks here have a love of displaying our state flag! We put it on everything....purses,furniture,wall paper sides of buildings...well,just let your imagination run wild! Now, technically, I was born in Texas,but spent a good part of my life in Arkansas. I used to not tell people that! I thought I was hiding it until I realized as soon as I opened my mouth folks knew that wasn't a Texas drawl ! In fact the second question people usually ask me after we meet is where am I from originally! We went to dinner one night with a friend of Hubby's from work .The next day he told everyone at work that Hubby must have traveled deep in the woods to find me !
That's OK with me,I am proud to talk country! Anyway...that is not really where I was going with this post. I was talking about Texas flags on everything.We have a favorite BBQ place that has an old bath tub painted with the flag on it used for a planter.We thought that was great and we had an old tub in the woods so Hubby drug it up for me. I painted half and got side tracked, like I so often do. I sat it out any way with the unpainted side to the back.Hubby tells me it is backwards and I smartly reply it depends on which way the wind is blowing!

I had planted some carrots in there but I think the freak cold killed them.

Me and The Boy are alone here a lot and we have always said we need a locking gate to keep out the unwanted and Jehovah Witnesses.I have nothing against the J W's,but how many times do I have to tell the same people I am a Baptist! Plus, it allows me to further transform into my hermit ways by keeping out the outside world, wahhh-ha-ha-ha! Just kidding...I think!
You know we are big on reusing so Hubby took and old pasture gate and gave it a paint job and he and The Boy fixed us up a locking gate at the end of our long, muddy drive! Actually we have fixed both ends of the drive,it's the middle you need4-wheel drive for!

I mentioned to him his flag was backwards and he smartly replied it just depends on which way the wind is blowing!


Texan said...

This made me laugh, if I had a dollar for everytime I have been asked where are you from LOL...That moutain Arkansas talk has its own twang apparently :O)...

Funny I don't hear it :O)...mine has lessoned over the years, I think?

Though honeyman will still to this day say to me as he is laughing "say that again" :O)...

Cutey Texas bathtub and gate!

Melodie said...

I once thought that my accent was lessening too,I was told I was wrong!!!! Hubby sometimes teases me too like when I say things like "back yonder"! He as me what a yonder is!

Aimee Bontreger said...

Thanks for the comment. I know what you mean about large family functions - I've kind of stopped attending them too. It is easier, as I'm getting older, to not feel that I have to jump through hoops to please everyone.

It's refreshing to hear someone (like you!) who seems to be so at ease with who they are. It's inspiring.

P.S. I LOVE the idea of a locking gate. ;) The hermit way is the way to go!

Barbee' said...

HA! Love the flags!!

Billie said...

You think you are country, I still say, I"ll be on you like feas on a dog.
I have a family member who makes fun of the way that I say coupon. along with tomato.
I call everyone Honey, Sweetie, when someone says something about it, I inform them that it is my East Texas accent, and that is the way we talk. I never thought I had a accent, but as soon as I step out of the state of Texas, first thing they say after I open my mouth -You`re from Texas.
Love the gate and tub, where is the toliet?
you know people park their old toliet in the front yard and plant flowers in them, I can just see flowers hanging over the side.You can paint it also.A little Tx flag on the tank. You will have a matching set then.Love ya.

Melodie said...


You go ahead and bring us a an old toilette,we'll paint it up good and sit it out yonder with the tub!!!!

Pricilla said...

Heh heh, My first thought was that it was backwards....