Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shop Class

The Boy is home schooled. He has always been home schooled. When he was little I just couldn't see turning my precious baby over to the public school system. It has worked out great for us. I am not a home school snob,I don't think I am better than people who use the public school system.I know homeschooling is not right for everyone.

We are flexible in our learning because of Hubby's job. We do a year round school but when Hubby is home it is focused less on book work and more on manly life skills!

The Boy learned some basic metal work this time.

He built a goat stanchion for milking his goats in anticipation of Sweet Pea having her babies.Sadly,that has not worked out. Guinness, another of our goaties is due in about a month and she has kidded twice,both times twins, so we are hoping for better results with her.

Anyway back to shop class! The Boy learned to cut metal with a torch.

Hubby is very safety conscious in his old age,he can't shake of those injuries as well as he did when he was younger, and makes The Boy learn the right and safe way to do things!

Hubby only instructed,The Boy did most all the work by himself, even the welding!

He is grinding the edges smooth.Nothing sharp or rough to hurt his goaties!

He is putting in the floor in this one.

He is almost done in this one.

I didn't get a pict yet of it completely finished.He also made an adjustable thing out of wood to go where their heads are held to adjust for the different sized goats.Not bad for a 12 year old!

The Sweet Pea update.She is living in my bathroom as we think it is too cold for her outdoors with her big bald side.She is doing well but all of the after birth has not come out,if it doesn't by tonight we are back to the vets in the morning.I know that may sound gross to some but that is part of birth and farm life!

Hoping everyone is staying warm and safe!


BlueRidge Boomer said...

My daughter home schools her three boys and they all love it!! Fits their life style....


Texan said...

wow very impressive... looks like a very nice goat milking stand and the fact that your son did this at 12 yrs old!! GOOD JOB ..

Hope Sweet Pea can pass her after birth without a trip back to the vet!

Try to stay warm, next couple nights as you know brrrrrr

I am off to the post office :O)...

Melodie said...

Linda May,
I think that is one of the keys to it being successful,it has to fit your life!

Thanks! The Boy never ceases to amaze me!
I hope Sweet Pea doesn't have to go back too.


It is like Christmas for me all over again!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I wish I had been homeschooled but wasn't done back then and both of my parents had to work away from home. I'm curious, do you still have State/Fed guidelines or an agenda that you have to follow or is it just up to the parents?

Melodie said...

It varies from state to state.Some states are very restricted and controlling.Here in Texas we can do what ever we want as long as we teach basic core subjects and we have no yearly testing.Most home schooled kids are beyond grade level so testing usually isn't a problem.

Pricilla said...

It's a lovely stanchion! the male person built ours.

I hope Sweet Pea passes her afterbirth easily. It would be a shame to have to stress her further by hauling her back to the vet's. Have you thought of making her a little goat coat? heh heh

Melodie said...

She is going to have to have something if this weather keeps up! She can't live in my bathroom all winter!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

That son of yours will be a jack of all trades by the time he reaches 18! There are no better teachers than the ones God provided....parents!

Melodie said...

Farmgirl Cyn,

Yep, he's a smarty! I agree,nobody wants to see children learn and grow more than their parents! That is another reason I believe in homeschooling!

goatmilker said...

That is such a cool stand. What amazing things they can learn when at home being taught by there parents. How nice that your husband and son can spend time together. I love seeing our son and my husband working together. Have a great night Rebekah.

Melodie said...

That father son thing makes my heart swell every time!

Barbee' said...

Oh, I think Sweet Pea needs a stylish wool sweater. It would be just the thing. Of course if she were mine, by the time I got it made it would be July or August! Maybe a used hand me down would work better :) Now, let's see about that size...

Anonymous said...

You and your husband are doing a wonderful job. Most kids your son's age know about a third of what your child knows if that.

Melodie said...

Yes,she will have to maybe wear a dog sweater!

Thank You!

Julia said...

That project is wonderful for your son! It honestly looks like what would be going on in our shop too. My husband has the same gear and tools in his arsenal. Yer going to have a kid who know how to weld on your hands and then he'll get all construction on you.

Ruralrose said...

we have one son we homeschool too, if we were neighbors what fun we would all have, goat in the bathroom sounds perfect to me, as for the cold my heart goes out to you it must be some surprise now you know a little of what us Canadians go through lol -

Melodie said...

I would bet my money more on mas scientist!


I have no doubt we would have loads of fun if we were neighbors!