Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Taters and Other Ramblings

I have my seed potatoes cut and drying.

This is not a lot. Oh, it will make enough to eat through the summer but when you are trying to grow enough to sustain your family all year long it is going to fall short. I have one raised bed that is good enough to plant potatoes in and this is about all it will hold.Oh, did I forget to mention we now  live in a swamp that got 1 1/2 more inches of rain last night and if I tried to plant potatoes in my regular garden spot they would probably float to the surface like corks! Not that I could possible get in to the garden! Nope, not even going to try! I would take 2 steps and be hopelessly stuck and probably  lose my boots too! You would go out there and see the tops of two rubber boots looking like someone planted them there hoping to crow a crop of boots! I do have another bag of seed taters but....

I really hope to get them in the ground.Our cut off day here is February 14. I am hoping with the prediction of a long cool spring I can still plant them late and get some taters before the heat and humidity do them in! It is tricky gardening here.I am lucky to have some adopted gardening grandparents  that give me good gardening advice for this difficult climate!      
                                                                                                                                                                    I also got some horseradish.

Texan was telling me how she planted some this year and how once you get it started it multiplies and will stay around forever! Sounds good to me!

This one is sprouting in the bag,I got to get it into a pot until I can get it planted some where!

Like most everywhere else  our weather has turned off cold. No more working out side getting ready for spring for awhile.I bought some paint for the kitchen.....I may actually..I hate to even say it...paint! It has become a dirty word to me! I have tons of painting left to do yet..sigh. Maybe I will knit instead.....


Laura said...

I wanted to plant red potatoes, I call them new potatoes but I can't find any around here. I don't know what the cutoff date is here but we are so far South I wonder if I have missed it already. Oh well, it is a swamp here too. I am so over the rain and cold, I live in Florida for goodness sake.
I hope you get some warm days very soon so you can get those beauties in the ground.

Melodie said...

We call them new potatoes too!The first ones go in a pot of fresh green beans cooked with onions and bacon! Yum yum !!! This winter is lasting forever!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Alas....I am months from planting potatoes! From planting ANYTHING, for that matter.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Wow - we can't even think about planting taters until April and that's if the ground STILL isn't frozen. Our chickens like cooked potato peels. Yummy yum.

Texan said...

I hear ya girly... whats with all this rain! LOL you better stay out of that garden till it dries some or else your son and your dh will have to use a rope to pull you and your boots out! LOL

Funny I have a gallon of paint for our kitchen and breakfast nook... yep been sitting in the closet for ohhhh several months now LOL... I really want it that color but mmm wishing it so just hasn't made it magically appear in my kitchen! Bad thing is I need to paint the master bathroom as well and wanted to change the living room color... once I get started painting I am okay but its the getting started part that is hard :O)...

On the horseradish, that is what I have been told that it wil take over... guess we will both find out!! :O)

Anonymous said...

I also have my seed taters cut and hoping to get them planted this week. I will have to try the horseradish. Happy Gardening!

Melodie said...

Farmgirl Cyn,
Take comfort in the fact you will have a much nicer summer than me down here!


Our chickens will eat anything and everything!

Now that would be a good video for a blog post! The boys having to get me unstuck from the garden!

Happy gardening to you too!

DebH said...

Oh my Gosh!! Feb planting?? WHAT a JOY!!!!!
I am lucky if we can get things in the ground by late May around here. What a wonderful feeling to be soo very close to gardening! I may be thinking about moving..

Pricilla said...

Goats love horseradish leaves.
Just warning you.
Mine almost bent down the garden fence to get to it.