Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Indoor Barnyard...

As you all know we live on a farm.The barnyard doesn't always stop at the barnyard around here! We have all kinds of critters in the house at varying points of time! Oh, we have regular critters like the dogs inside.Some kind of regular critters like Stanley the bunny.


(and,no,I still don't have trim along the floor)
Depending on what needs special caring for most anything is possible! I do draw the line at full grown horses and cows however! I know our house is a fun place and I know my son will have good memories and great stories to tell his kids one day! So,yes, some days there is hay all over the kitchen and goat berries too.I just clean it up! Don't worry,the board of health is not knocking on my door! On the other hand Martha Stewart didn't RSVP my invitation for lunch!

So here are some of our current happenings.Stanley is a little bunny. Every year he sheds his winter coat. My living room becomes enveloped in wispy,floating clouds of bunny fluff! We get him out and pluck him,which he loves.But there is no way to keep ahead of it.



As you all know we have Murry Von Furry Pants running all over the house who has to be in the middle of everything.

He had to taste this fluffy white stuff!

Well,it possible could have been some kind of tasty hay! A goatie never knows until he tries!

 This is just 5 minute of plucking Stanley.

This does not even make a dent in what the little fluff ball sheds! We could make another rabbit  out of all the hair he looses! So until he is done,surreal clouds of fluffy whiteness float  in the sunlight.      OK, really it is like you walk in the living room and a big hair ball lands right on your mouth and sticks to your lips  or heaven forbid, you are in the middle of talking an you suck one right in! That will make you sputter and choke! Way worse than sucking in a bug,you can spit that out! You will be picking out a hairball all day!

So there you have it! Another peek into a crazy day at the Laughing Duck Funny Farm!


Texan said...

LOL well I bet Hoover just loves you! I can see your shopping cart now paper towels check, veggies check, 100 vacuum cleaner bags check ... tee hee

Cute pic of Murry thinking he was getting in on a snack LOL

IanH said...

Are goat berries anything like cackle berries?

jaz@octoberfarm said...

too bad goats can't actually eat bunny fur or your problem would be solved!!!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I've been out of the blogging loop for a few days but now I'm getting caught up.
I'm reading your other posts too.

Melodie said...


Murry is a mess!

Don't know what a cackle berry is..goat berries look like cocoa puffs but it is best not to eat them!


That would be too easy!

Glad you are back!

The Williamson's said...

Love your posts but can't show my Cowboy or some of these critters would end up at our house. I really don't know about that : )

Ruralrose said...

had a 15 pound angora live with me in the house, has it chewed the electrical wires yet? peace

Melodie said...

The Williamson's,

I understand,we live in chaos,happy chaos!


yes, he chews cords he has to be supervised when he is our of his cage!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Smiling again at another post of yours. Very cute, Murphy checking out the fur. My house is the same. Never know what kind of critter I might have in. I have a playpen set up full time just in case. The one thing my husband did was invest in a Dyson. I do have a lint brush just in case a visitor holds one of my critters. Gotta tell you I am surprised Martha did not RSVP as she has 18 house cats. Of course she does have several maids.LOL..

Barbee' said...

Cackle berries are eggs.

agwh said...

And I thought a huskie left a lot of fur around the house! I'm beginning to think that my oldest son could actually have chosen a messier pet to leave with us when he moved to Colorado. The rabbit is probably easier to walk, though.