Monday, February 22, 2010

Black Holes,Couch Goats and Donkey Love

This is a black hole....

No, not the outer space kind of black hole.This is a hole that the boys dug for fencepost!

Notice our lovely,and when I say lovely it is dripping with sarcasm, black gumbo soil!  It is really sticky awful stuff! In fact it doesn't even deserve to be called dirt! Hubby rented this nifty little piece of equipment to get all these holes done!

He has let The Boy do all the operating....


He is just supervising! What every parent looks forward too,children of working age! Well,they'll never learn anything if you don't put them to mean teach them..yeah... that sounds better!


They went day before yesterday and got this load of pipe to do the corner and stretcher post with. Hubby is an A-1,cracker jack welder!

The boys already have the t-post in the ground.When they get finished it will be about half our front pasture done,which will be about 5 acres fenced in.This place had no fences when we bought it,so we have a lot more to do before we are done!

Now, on to couch goaties!


Yes,instead of lap dogs we have lap goaties! Poor Murry, he is worn out from spending all day complaining out in the goat pen!

I don't know why he complains that way,he ate so much while he was out there it felt like his little belly was going to pop!

Moving right along to .....donkey love !   I know,it is a little late for Valentines day!  In my defense, it is hard to get a picture of these two doing this,every time I get close they stop because I might have a treat after all! You all know about  poor Clyde's addiction !


Bonnie and Clyde groom each other all the time! It is rather sweet to see how they love each other! They were my buy one get on free donkeys because their previous owner would not let them be separated on account of them being  so bonded!

They are a cute couple! Sadly, we will never have any baby donkeys as Clyde is a gelding. This also means no mules either as they share a pasture with Sweetie! I like mules fine,good and useful animals, I just wouldn't know what I would do with one!


Texan said...

okay that is so sweet your Donkeys!! Well I know just how they feel, I don't want to be apart from the honeyman either tee hee :O)

Murry complains because Murry is one spoiled little buck! tee hee :O)...he is so darn cute..

Oh yes fencing, I am wondering if it ever ends... looks like you guys are well on your way with it!!

Texan said...

you do have that East Texas black gumbo dirt...amazing how many different kinds of dirt there are in East Texas!

Pricilla said...

The couch goat just cracks me up.
Abby tried to get in the trailer yesterday. I think she is tired of Mallory chasing her.

She is a bit big for trailer visits.....

IanH said...

No fair using that automated whatchamacallit! Posts are meant to be dug and pounded by hand! Murray almost makes me want to get a goat! Elaine is holding out for a steer.

small farm girl said...

How sweet! Nothing like Donkey love.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

You can open a petting zoo. I'm envious of all your fencing.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

That little goat has won my heart! Right along with donkey lovers. Dang! You got some cutie patootie animals!!!

Kim said...

I love baby goats. Our Petunia just miscarried and we're heartbroken.
Your soil does look fertile - our soil is red clay that turns rock hard in the summer, sloppy and sticky in fall and spring, and well, frozen in winter, lol.

Callie said...

I love that post hole digger. Love that fencing! The little goatie is a cutie! And those are very pretty donkeys. I haven't seen any white or spotted ones before.

Ruralrose said...

The fence is awesome, you lucky girl. Great photos, are you going to have a petting zoo? You wouldn't have to "reduce" your herds that way. Peace

Anonymous said...

SWEET! Sweet couch goat and donkey love.

Melodie said...


yes ,I think you are right about Murry!


Haha,You should just invite her for after noon tea!


If Elaine ever held a little goatie she would be addicted like the rest of us!

small farm girl,

All of our animals are tame,but the all have a purpose on the farm!

Farmgirl Cyn,


So sorry about your Petunia.


We have a lot of white ones around here,not so many spotted.

Ruralrose, petting zoo...some of these critters have a destiny...with my freezer!


polly's path said...

I think I would take black dirt any day-ours is sticky and red and just below one or two inches of top soil. Lots of work when you want to plant something or dig a fence post hole.
We also use child labor with mixed results. It does come with lots of whining at times so i am not sure if it's worth it or not.

And Murry-he is just the sweetest spoiled rotten baby goat. But if he was mine I would be doing the same, so..

polly's path said...

And, the donkeys could not be sweeter. And what a neat color!

Jason said...

you weren't kidding! Very similar!