Sunday, February 7, 2010

Goa-urkey Pen?

Well, the goat pen is a bog with no hope of ever drying up in the near future...sigh.What to do,what to do? Hmm...the turkeys have a nice, big, dry pen with good high fences.Do I dare ? Can the two coexist?

Yep, they can! After just a few minutes of what the heck are you, they settled in great! The goatie goats were so happy to be able to run around on dry ground! No more trying to hop from log to log to keep their little goatie feet  dry.

Of course the added bonus of bark to eat and new things to nibble on!

We put SweetPea back with the herd too! We were a little worried,she had always hidden behind Guinness and not blended very well with the rest of the goaties.

She did great! She and Butter Bean played head butt! Nice head but, not the I want to knock you out kind of head butt!

She needs to put on some weight still.We have been trying to get her fattened back up but it just takes time.She is very happy and frisky though!

Sweet Pea even found a good head scratchin'  sapling! That sapling is probably doomed!

Murry Von Furry Pants even got to spend some time out with the big goaties! They were very unimpressed with his cuteness!

Nibbles decided she would sit like a dog! She used to be one of the most hyper goats! Now that she is expecting she doesn't play like she used to. Can't blame her I guess!

She was quiet content to sit on her hay pile and watch the others and get some scratchins from The Boy!

On other farm notes,the weather has been pleasant but we are supposed to drop back into some freezing nights this week.This is bad for the fruit trees that have started to bud. That is a problem here,if you want to raise organic fruit you have to raise  the early producers to beat the bugs and moldy,fungus things that come with the humid heat! With this crazy weather,freaky cold then freaky warm,the poor trees think it is spring..sigh. All my trees are too small to hold fruit yet except my apple trees.I did plant a peach and two figs yesterday,I plan to get another peach and a plum,I think.

My heart sank this morning when I went to feed the rabbits! The door was open to the momma and babies hutch! I could see coon tracks under the cage,they had been after the food and managed to unlatch the door. Momma was still there and 3 babies,one was missing! I figured the coon ate it.I was feeling very frustrated, we have lost a lot to coons and possums, when I walked around the chicken coop and saw a little white fluff ball peeking out from the bottom! She had fallen out of the open door and taken shelter under the coop! Me and The Boy were able to catch her and get her back with Momma where she belonged! It is really nice when the disasters turn out not to be disasters after all!


IsobelleGoLightly said...

I want to come down to your farm and play! All the goats there are so cute! My lady says your turkeys are very beautiful and she would like to have some turkeys here at our farm.... uh oh. Could you put Murry into a box and send him here? He is so very tiny he could fit in a little box! I'm glad that nasty coon didn't get the bunny. Many goat kisses from Isobelle.

Texan said...

Your Turkeys are sooooo pretty!!

Murry has sure grown! He looks so good and healthy!

So glad the baby rabbit was found! We have lost a lot of chickens to raccoons as well...What we have done to raccoon proof or try to raccoon proof that chicken pen! geesh..

You have wanting fig trees! I need to get out and see who has some here :O). Killed one a couple years ago, but I will try again!

Pricilla said...

Bad raccoon!
Glad you found the bunny.
The goaties did look happy. Bark is good!

Melodie said...

Thank you,you could come and play if you were closer.We think our turkeys are lovely too.I forgot to mention Murry's love of paper! He would eat his way out of the box and nibble all the mail in the mailman's truck!

The possums and coons are my top 10 hit list!
I love figs fresh,jamed,pickled,candied,dried....

Melodie said...

They love being turkeys!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

How nice that they can all get along...and even nicer you found baby bunny!

IanH said...

Fruit trees budding, no snow baby goats! I envy you!

Melodie said...

Farmgirl Cyn,
Thanks! The turkeys are very gentle and the goaties just ignore them!


It will be me envying you this summer when we are burned up and baked!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

the turkies are gorgeous. and the goats!! i want a goat but i don't think teddy would be too happy!

Ruralrose said...

Great post, love the pictures. Finding the baby and having the kid help in the rescue . . . well things just don't get any better then that. You will love turkeys almost as much as goats. Peace

Melodie said...

Teddy is top dog! The goats would love your beautiful landscaping!


I do love those turkeys! Yes ,me and The Boy had a nice rescue adventure!

melanie said...

So glad you found the bunny!