Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hard Working Boys!!!

The Boys spent yesterday clearing out from under these cedar trees.

They had limbs to the ground and vines and brambles galore!

These run along the drive way and border what was once a good sized pond.

The folks who made the pond didn't do it right and the dam broke.We plan on having it fixed in late summer, when it is good and dry!

That thing The Boy is using is a small chainsaw on the end of a gas powered weed eater.

I don't mind him using that.The regular chainsaw, however, is a different story! That would turn the rest of my brown hair gray for sure!

 Hubby said The Boy did all of the cutting,he just piled the limbs and vines! Hubby is doing a wonderful job of teaching The Boy to become a man and do mans work! Actually, I would have rather been out there with them working...but someone has to do the house work and let me tell ain't gonna be those two!

Hubby shaved off his big China winter beard and got a haircut ! Hubby works a rotation in China for my new readers who may not know!

Of course not all the beard, he knows I like his whiskers! He is giving me that goofy look because he caught me taking his picture!

So there yo have it! Another busy day on the farm!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I didn't know Hubby was home, that's great, I think he looks sorta like Dale Earnhart, Jr.

Pricilla said...

You mean you get to sweep up the goat berries and not The Boy?
heh heh

Hey, send them up here will ya?

Melodie said...

Yep ,he got home Saturday!


If we ever get finished here I may have to consider renting them out, tee hee! The Boy has to do Murry's berries,Murry goes out with the other goaties when The Boy is outside!

rox said...

Melodie I am just posting pictures of cedar trees right now lol ! I cannot beleive the pics with no snow ! I love love TX NM & AZ . are you in hill country ? Hill country is my fav part of TX although I of course love laredo and that MX feel too .
we are trying to get thru our feb blues up here , making the best of the end of winter as we can ;-) Thanks for the pics !

Melodie said...


We are in south east Texas,East Texas Pineywoods.We have our share of cedars but we are mostly large hardwoods and pines!We are the edge of the deep south,nothing like the rest of the state! Hang in there spring is just around the corner!

small farm girl said...

Since you are renting them out, I've got about 50 acres that can stand some cleaning. lol

agwh said...

This is a good time of year for that kind of work--fewer chiggers and ticks. Looks like the boy put in some serious effort!

Texan said...

Looks like your honeyman and the boy were working very hard!! I know your thrilled your honey is home!

We have so much clean up yet to do from the snow storm...Limbs down or hanging all over the place...My honeyman got them off the fence but so much more left to do...

Ruralrose said...

. . . and the work begins again . . . at least up here we have the winter to make us stop for a while . . . your hubby is handsome - peace

Callie said...

I'm going to be out in the woods collecting downed wood pretty soon to make a Hugelkultur raised bed. I could sure use some of those branches.