Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More on Murry and Other farm Happenings

Murry was back to his old self last night. This morning he started getting worse again and his breathing was terribly labored so, back to see Dr.Merry our vet(Don't you just love that name!).She worked us in and said the labored breathing was a good thing ,his lungs were starting to clear but his not being able to eat well was our biggest problem.She gave him 2 more shots and if he doesn't get to eating good we have to do it again tomorrow.She said this just happens with bottle babies some times as their immunity is not as good,which I knew but he had been good and  healthy up until now.The good thing is Dr.Merry still thinks he will make a full recovery! I tell you it is hard watching him be so sick.I have never had a sick baby goat before...if  it happens again I will have more experience and confidence to know how to treat it myself ..I hope!

It snowed here yesterday!Of course it is gone today but they were some of the biggest flakes I had ever seen! This is a blurry picture but you can still see how big the flakes were ..sort of!

Here is Weenie looking cute in the snow! She spends her days stalking a mouse hole by my shed underneath the bird feeder!

Whirly Comb Jr. has been sitting on some eggs and they were starting to hatch and peep last night! That dark brown egg is a Cuckoo Maran,it will be a Buff Orpington mix most likely.

  At the time she went broody the girls were just starting to lay so I just stuck under her what I had that day! Whirly Comb Jr. is the half Buff Orpington  daughter of one of our little Bannie hens.

Unlike her tame and gently momma,she is meaner than snot ,but she has her momma's broody ways and will even go broody smack dab in the middle of winter!

I also picked up a young New Zealand  rabbit to replace the meat rabbit we lost this past summer to the heat wave.Ours we have now are Californians.That will put us back at 2 does and a buck. I might get another doe later on.The boys are working on fence and I am going to go and love on Murry, hope every one is staying warm!


polly's path said...

poor wittwe Muwy.
I hope he gets better soon.
I was going to buy some baby chicks last weekend (we were in the high 70s)-I am glad I didn't. It is supposed to be in the teens this weekend. I can't wait though!
I wish our chickens would go broody, but no. It's Tractor Supply for us!

Linda said...

My doe kid did the same thing. I gave her baby aspirin and children's decongestant - worked very well.

Melodie said...

We buy chickies too...that darn tractor Supply gets us every time they have baby critters!

Thanks.Now that I will be able to recognize this i want to be able to take care of it myself!It is all about learning to be self sufficient and that means my own vet work to if I can!

Anonymous said...

I do understand what you are going thru with a sick kid. I had three sick kids last year. They were triplets and I was very emotionally attached. I was taking them to the Vet and it seemed they were doing okay and then they went down again. I lost all three. I am praying for Murray, you and your son and I hope you all are getting some rest. Take Care and keep us posted. Please give Murray a goat hug for me.

Laura said...

How exciting to see those chicks pipping out. I wish one of mine would go broody but they are Rhode Island Reds who show no inclination to do so. I hope Murray improves quickly, I know you are very attached to him now. Great pictures! I love the golf ball egg.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Wishing Murry well, well well! And new chicks too! I'd really like to hatch an egg! hee hee

Melodie said...

Thank you.I hate that you lost your triplets.Being homesteader,we just get attached to our animal,there is no helping it I don't think.

Mostly only our bannies go broody,that is why we have them.I think only 2 or 3 times our big chickens have gone broody.

Thank you!Hatching eggs requires a lot of sitting still....not a favorite thing for little goaties!

IanH said...

Who hatched the yellow egg? It sounds good that Murry is going to make it.

Pricilla said...

Oh poor Murry.I hope he gets better soon. It is so hard when they are ill.
More goat hugs

Linda said...

Melodie, I also purchased a bottle of Bio-Mycin 200 and a gave a few more injections before it was all said and done... she is doing great now and bouncing around the yard and pen!

Callie said...

All the best wishes for Murry to get well. Sorry, I know this is hard on you. I would like for our hens to hatch some eggs, but I guess I'll need to borrow our neighbors rooster for a few days before that will happen.LOL