Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Look What I Did!!!

I made myself a hot house! The only thing I actually bought was the plastic, every thing else I scrounged from around the farm!

This was a figure it out as I went project! I had seen ,at other places, where folks had used cattle or horse panels to make green houses.I don't need a whole green house ,well I would like one but that is a  project for another day! One panel is just right for a hot house!

I could not find anything suitable to make stakes to hold the edges after it was bent so I wired the edges together with thick wire.

It was very wobbly  so I wired the back of it to the fence.That helped some.Then I decided to...borrow...hmm...yes....borrow these shelves from Hubby's shop.I will give them back when I am done!  Besides,I needed something to set my little seedlings on after all! I wired the bent cattle panels to the shelves and that made it very stable!

I did use tape to seal together the plastic! I used the same tape on my hillbilly ingenuity well house and it is still stuck strong so I figured it would work for this!  This is just a temporary structure anyways, just here until spring planting.

The Boy said,"Wow Mom,that actually doesn't look like crap!"
I really took that as more of an insult than a compliment! I admit I have few handy man skills! Actually I can find a way to fix most things,it just doesn't look real pretty most..OK fine..all of  of the time! I used PVC pipe for the door frame and the door. The door is hinged on a long piece of metal rod and held closed with a plant pot!
Just while I was putting in my seedlings I could feel a big temperance difference! This only took a couple of hours.If I had know what I was doing when I started out it probably would have taken  even less time!
So here's to,hopefully,getting a jump on spring and beating the summer heat!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

that look's GOOD, if you hadn't told me, I would've thought you put a kit together.

Billie said...

I am so proud of you, to me it looks pretty terrfic. Stand back and put your thumbs under your bib straps and say I did good, in fact, pretty darn good.

Melodie said...

thank you,you are so kind!

Thanks!Way better than the Boy's compliment!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Way Cool!! Can you tell i'm a child of the hippie era??


Ruralrose said...

I agree, it looks like you put a kit together. Bet you made awesome forts when you where a kid. Peace

Melodie said...

Thanks! That was a great era!

Thanks! Well,I was quiet the tom-boy!

melanie said...

I think it's lovely! Want to run out an make myself one!

Texan said...

oh my gosh I love it! Wow girly you should be sooooo proud of yourself! I would have never known how to do that!

I have been trying to decide when to move my seedlings, are you leaving yours in there 24/7? Or just during the day?

rox said...

Wow ! I love it ! as a mum who put together our swingset backwards ( don't even ask ) I can totally appreciate your work ! I love love the goats too !

Melodie said...


As long as it is in the 40's at night I think I will leave them in there,we are holding good at that.Not Tomatoes and peppers that haven't sprouted yet though,they need warmer to germinate.



Pricilla said...

I just love your son's comment. That is priceless!
Good for you. It gets the job done and that is what counts!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

What a great idea! Out here, with nothing blocking any of the high winds, I would have to build a greenhouse as an addition, with studs, flooring, etc, or it would be across the field in a matter of days!

Julia said...

I love your son's "complement." Sounds like something that would come out of a mouth at my house in a few years. It made me smile nevertheless. Well done MOM!!

Jennifer said...

Wow! That is really neat, what a great idea! Love it, thank you for sharing it.