Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random Farm Photos

Sorry everyone,I have not been in blog land lately! Things are always so busy around here when Hubby is home,with the warm weather it gets extra busy! I will just lay it out there,I am pooped!  So no long post but lots of pictures of animals.

Here is Mr.Tumnus gnawing on his scratchin' branch !


One of the things I like to do when I am tired is take a rest in the goat pen.It is peaceful to sit with my goatie friends and give them some scratchins' and just watch and enjoy them! Since they are sharing  a pen with the turkeys the turkeys want attention too!


Murry is learning to be a goatie and not people! He is not happy about this and complains constantly the whole while stuffing himself with everything he can get his little goatie lips on!



Here is a close up of a turkey eye!Hard to believe something that looks like this is so tame and gentle! Just like the old saying goes,you can;t judge a book by its cover!


Just because you can never see enough of cute little(very plump) Murry stuffing his cute goatie face here's another picture!


We can't forget Butter Bean! he's having a good scratch!


Murry again,I just can't help it!


Here are the newest baby sheep!


More sheep! They think I might have some feed!


This is Foxy,our only girl baby.We are going to keep her to increase our herd,so she got a name! Her chin markings make her look like she is smiling!


This is Butterscotch,a fawn runner duck.


This crazy looking black chicken is a cross between a polish rooster and an Easter Egger! She lays colored eggs.All our Buff Orpington Easter Egger crosses seem to lay colored eggs!


One last shot of Butter Bean! I took pictures of the other goatie but for some reason they didn't load.

Next time I will show you them.Nibbles is getting fat , she is due in March sometime and Doodah shortly after that.Sweet Pea is as sweet as ever,covering us with her sweet goatie kisses! Her ordeal has taken a tole on her it is evident in her poor coat and flakey skin...sigh.We are trying hard to get her  fat and sassy again! She has managed to put some weight back on so hopefully she is on the right track.Hope you enjoyed a walk around the farm.I am still trying to visit everyone..just haven't been commenting....I am addicted to you all and can't stay away!!!!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

there weren't enough photo's of Murray :-)

Pricilla said...

We all know how busy it can get.
I love all the photos.
Murry is getting plump!

Tales from the Williamson's Trails said...

Your animals are so cute. Each with their own personalities.

We have to get some chickens soon. I will have to tell My Cowboy about yours so we have a better idea of what to look for. He's been researching about chickens lately.

Texan said...

That plump little Murry looks good... What a picture you got of the Turkey eye LOL...

I used to have some hens like your buffs...darn chicken hawks or owls got them .. now we have leghorns ..

You certainly have a lot of different critters :O)... love the fawn duck!! Our are plain white...

I am with ya on being tired...what a busy day.. I too went and sat in the barn on the floor several times today... a good quiet time out spot ...just watched the new kids and the checked on Moms... :O)...

Foothills Poultry said...

Murry is just cute, no denying it. Were there other pictures? Sorry, I got focused on the cute.


IanH said...

You know, I'm starting to like goats and I've never been up close to one. Nice pictures!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

talking about SweetPea's C-section - at the time of the operation I asked the Vet and he said she should be fine for a pregnancy. I was holding SweetPea during the operation, and you can't believe all the guts we were stuffing back into her so the Vet could sew her back up. That was May '09, and I'm going to wait to breed her.

goatmilker said...

Love the pictures! Great post and Murry is just the cutest. Have a great day Rebekah

Melodie said...


Haha, we are alike,we can never get enough of the goaties! Thanks for responding about Sweetpea! I just don't want anything else to happen to her.


Yep,that Murry he loves to eat!


Buff orpingtons are our main meat and egg birds,we love them!The easter eggers are good layers but not so good for meat and the bannies are for hatching ,they go broody all the time!I do not recommend the Polish!

Some of the best relaxing time on the farm is spent in with the goaties!

yes our Murry is a show stealer!


Goatie goats are addictive,you had better be careful!

Thanks !

jaz@octoberfarm said...

turkey eye sounds like a disease!!! murry is too cute. i think i would keep him in the house!

Ruralrose said...

Great shots Melodie, love the turkey eye - peace

Callie said...

Love the photos of all your sweet animals. And you pick the neatest names!

Thanks for the info about the chickens being OK in the rain. Now I won't worry so much when I see them standing out getting wet.

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures! That turkey eye picture is just too cool!

polly's path said...

Murry is the cutest thing!!!! I imagine China's little baby will look something like him-black, white, gray..
And Mr. Tumnus-I am so stealing/borrowing that name if we have a boy goaties baby!!!!

Melodie said...

When he is big enough to stand on the back of the couch and make goat berries it is time to go out! Luckily he's not that big yet!



Thanks! Glad I was helpful!


That is not a zoom picture,they just are that close!

I know you are just ready to bust waiting on China to have her baby! I think Mr.Tumnus is one of the best names for a buck!