Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweetie has Left the Barn !

Kind of like Elvis has left the building ! Yesterday morning I decided Sweetie, AKA Rocket Horse, was well enough to be released from her imprisonment.

She rejoiced by spending the whole morning running and leaping,followed close behind by Clyde the donkey, who was overjoyed to have one of his girls back.

Although Clyde did not leap,he followed behind gleefully.Well,as gleeful as a donkey can be. Sweetie demonstrated her rocket abilities the whole time. Now, you may think we call her Rocket Horse because she is fast as a rocket when she runs. Nope. She gas very loudly when she takes off! Not being a horse person,I am not for sure if all horses blast off this way or if it is just our rootin' tootin' horse that does this. Then there is the whole chicken and the egg question. Does the running trigger the rocket toots or does the surprise of the rocket toots startle her into running, because I think if I heard something that loud exploding behind me I would run for the hills!

As you can see she also celebrated by having a good roll in the mud.Hey,when you hang with Dirty Donkeys long enough you are bound to pick up some of their habits!

Sadly,poor Bonnie is not ready for release yet.She is getting better but at a slower pace and her wound still needs doctoring. Since she is next to impossible to catch,she must stay in the barn.I hope it will be soon because now that Sweetie has been paroled Clyde doesn't hang out at the barn as much to keep her company and she is very attached to him.

So as no to end on a sad note,here is a picture of The Boy and Weenie Dog!


Texan said...

I am glad that Sweetie has been released! I hope Bonnie gets out soon! Think they will notice Fiona is missing something?

Your post had me laughing so hard! Good start to the day, a good chuckle! I don't know anything about horses, but that is just funny what your horse does!

I am also thinking Weenie dog knows exactly which side his bread is butter on...What a cute picture...

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ok, your entire third paragraph had me completely in stitches. How funny!!
And sadly, I, too, am unable to answer your chicken/egg question. But we can all gleefully ponder it together for a bit longer, right? :-)

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

glad everybody is on the mend.

Pricilla said...

Oh, I'm glad they are progressing so well. You must feel great. Well, and them too.

Melodie said...

The critters still give Fiona a wide berth! Glad you liked the post,it's either laugh or cry so i choose to laugh!

Glad you liked it!


Thanks,I am half way there. I will feel much better when Bonnie is back in pasture.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I know how I feel when I've been cooped up too long! SO glad to get out and run around!
I love the last photo best! A boy and his dog.

Julia said...

Goodness I can not imagine having my horses gored by a naughty cow! That must have been awful to say the least.

Glad one of the equines was released from the hospital!