Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not Wordless Wednesday!!!

I have fallen off the blogger band wagon the last few days! I know it is supposed to be wordless Wednesday,but since it has been a few days,I can't be wordless!
So here is some catch up! Hubby made it home fine and has been fixing his truck.You all remember the truck,the one that I was barreling down the interstate redneck ghetto thumping with The Boy to his music at 80 mph when the drive shaft and transfer case exploded!Well he is working on that and going to school this week way on the other side of Houston about a 3 hr trip one way if he gets the traffic!
We have had some animal problems.Fiona,my she devil milk cow,finally went totally berserk and gored Bonnie and Sweetie Sunday night.Thank The Good Lord,and I mean that as a truth and not just a saying,both are looking good.She got poor Bonnie twice and Sweetie once.They are not bad wounds, but painful without a doubt.I have been able to treat them at home with wound flushes,and sprays and antibiotics.It really stresses me when any of my animals are hurt or sick.They are both doing really well.Fiona is in a make shift pen awaiting a trip to the vet to be dehorned.Most Dexters have horns,they are a small, gentle breed of cattle and there is no need to remove them.Why do I always end up with the psycho animals?Hubby's mentally deranged dogs are another example!
So,how about something nicer.We went and cut our tree Sunday.We have a terrific tree farm about 15 minutes from us.

It is beautifully nestled in rolling hills and surrounded by east Texas forest.
As soon as we parked we saw the perfect tree! There was no need to roam the 20 or so acres to find the perfect one!

The Boy started sawin'.We always try to get a cypress tree,because they don't bother The Boy's allergies.The Boy gave up and Hubby had to step in!

Exactly how many of us does it take to cut down a little tree?

Apparently all 3 of us.I had to pull on the tree so the rather dull saw could get between and cut better.But it was no match for us!We toppled that mighty ,little tree.

The mighty hunters with their prey!

The Boy managed from there.

No,that is not a real bullet hole in my window.Hubby thinks he is funny and put several of those stickers on my truck!

This tree farm had all kinds of stuff set around so if you wanted to make a day of it you could.I thought this was funny!

This is the junk truck waiting for "repair"! Many,many places in the country have these!

These are just their dogs they put up during business hours.I thought they were real cute until..

their eyes started to glow!They are either on a nuclear waste dump or these dogs are of the zombie variety!

There was a campfire and hot cocoa.

Games for the kids...

Who needs fancy electronic games?These kids look perfectly happy!

Funny story,one of the places I lived as a kid was so small we had 2 grades in each classroom.We had almost no play ground equipment.Someone dropped off 3 big tractor tires and we entertained ourselves all year rolling each other across the school yard in them.Ahh..the good ole days!
I made soap yesterday and plan on making another batch today and some green tomato relish. If it all works out I will show you tomorrow.If it doesn't,well,we shall never speak of it again!!!Just kidding,I don't mind showing you my flops,you all may have some good suggestions to help me the next time!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi...thanks for signing up to follow me! i will be having a couple more giveaways before christmas so you can enter them too! love the pics of your tree cutting trip.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

poor Bonnie and Sweetie, glad they are going to be OK. I have to take a doe to the Farm Vet, an hour away, because she has a bad eye. it looks terrible, real cloudy, maybe it's the 3rd eyelid, I don't know, I'll blog about it later. Pretty tree, I always like the ones fat around the bottom.

Pricilla said...

Your tree looks great! We are going to get ours tomorrow. No tree farms here. If you want to cut one you go into the woods!

Melodie said...

Thank you for doing the same to me.I really liked your blog.

Hope your goatie gets better,it is so worrisome when they are hurt.Our Sweet Pea some how hurt her eye last week,thank goodness it cleared up on it own.Luckily our vet in town works on everything and is only 10 minuted away!


We have to get a cypress because The Boy is allergic to everything else and the Christmas tree shaped ones are only on the farms.Tromping through the woods sure would be fun though!

Billie said...

enjoyed seeing you`ll pick and cut down your tree, like we were there with you.
looks like Hubby has put on some weight, say my other half

Melodie said...

Well, it is cold and he has on several layers..he actually has gained back some that he lost last year thankfully!
I wish you all could have been here with us!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

A Team Effort!!

Nice looking tree....good choice...


Texan said...

Fun family outing to get ya'll tree! Pretty tree :O)...

I think we went to the same small school LOL... We also had two grades per room as there were so few kids ... in the entire school First grade thru 12...less than 200 kids ...

Oh dear on your animal issues...hope everyone heals up nicely and doesn't get any infections...

I just had to worm the goats by myself today... well okay everyone except Harrison (herd sire) who I would never grab a hold, I am pretty sure he would fling me to the other side of the barn in one good woosh of his head ...
But I got everyone else... Bossy our biggest doe I grabbed by the horns and straddled her LOL...ya well the old saying where there is a will there is a way LOL... one good buck and she got over it... they had to have their worm meds they were over due!

Green tomato relish!!! Yummy that sounds so good.. may I ask where you get yours soap supplies? The oils and lye etc... I just watched a very good tutorial on making soap and it took all the mystery out of soap making for me... I am ready to do it now...but where does one get the supplies? I have been buying home made soap for several years, its going to be great to make our own!

Melodie said...

BlueRidge Boomer,


Way to go on taking care of your goats!Me and The Boy do most everything ourselves too, being as Hubby is gone a lot.I am thankful he was home when Bonnie got hurt because she is not halter broke and hates the barn.He helped me force her into the barn!
I get my soap supplies from The Soap Dish,

John Gray said...

love the photos, especially the turkeys...
your town looks like something out of a normal rockwell painting

Melodie said...

John Gray,
Thanks for stopping by,I love those turkeys too!

Julia said...

I think the sign on the dogs kennel about not feeding pine cones was the highlight for me! We still don't have a tree. It's becoming glaringly obvious we are really behind on Xmas this year.

Ruralrose said...

Delightful post!!! Giggled through the pictures, you sure can spin a yarn without words. Never a dull moment with animals, sounds like you are doing a good job. Peace

Melodie said...


Every year it seems I am a little further behind on the holidays!


Nope,there is never a dull moment around this place!