Monday, December 14, 2009

Blah !

Blah ! That is exactly how I would describe our Boy Scout fund raiser Saturday.The weather was terrible ! The weather man call it fog but the rain gauge called it a half an inch!

This put a damper on our whole Christmas on the Square festival.Our town only has two really good events that bring in revenue,the county fair and Christmas on the Square.We did have people come out,but not like everyone was hoping for and definitely not like two years ago before the economy crashed.

The scouts had a grill set up and did yummy pork on a stick.

We ate as much as we sold 'cause they were just so darn good! It didn't matter though ,we still had some left when we called it a day.

We barely broke even.The boys also took turns walking around the square with donation cans and raised some money. All day out in the misty rain-fog for around 100$...sigh. Last year we made around 700$ ! It's a wonder we all didn't get pneumonia to boot! These fund raisers are where we make our money to send the boys to summer camp,things are looking kind of sad at the moment.

So here are some pictures of our severely dreary day.

This is the gazebo on the court house lawn.

This here is one of our food competitors! Cute little roach coach! That is not an insult,we call all these portable food thingies that!

We always have a few groups preform.

These are some cloggers.The little ones were especially cute!

Here are some vendors trying to keep their stuff dry but I think I took this picture to show the front of the court house.

Here is some dreariness..

and some more dreariness...

and just in case you didn't get enough dreariness,here is some more!!!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

durn, rained out fundraiser, but y'all live in such a darling town. What kind of pork do you use that fits on a stick?

Melodie said...

A lady from out side scouts made these for us.I think she said it was boston butt cut in strips,It is marinated in a sweet fruity sauce.She is from the Philippines so it may be a recipe from her homeland.

Pricilla said...

Oh what a shame!
Meat on a stick is ALWAYS good.

Barbee' said...

Yep, that's dreary! And... disappointing. But it looks like the people who did bravely attend are having a good, fun time. You know, the old saying: "Misery loves company", and brings people together.

Billie said...

enjoyed the Christmas festivle a couple of years ago, walking around the square looking at all the homemade product(especially the sweets). Sorry this year was hampered by the bad weather.Hopefully next year you will have a good turnout and good weather.

Melodie said...

I am with you,it is always yummy!

Yes, I don't think the folks who showed up were sorry they came.Maybe a little damper but not sorry!


This year was terrible compared to the year you all were here.

Texan said...

I am sorry you guys had such dreary weather and didn't raise as much $$'s... ugggg this weather is wearing thin here I can tell you that! People are crabby and everywhere you go people are talking about the sunless days and rain, rain, rain since September...ya ya I know in July we will be wishing for it but mercy me a Texan can only take so many days of grey skies and rain!! uggg sorry for that outburst LOL....

Today was unreal nice, I spent almost all day outside! We actually saw the sun ALL day and it was 69 degrees! Hello, Yes this is East Texas in December!!!

Ruralrose said...

You town is like out of a rockwell painting! Hope you are toasty tonight, thanks for sharing, felt like I had a little vacation looking at the pictures. Peace

Melodie said...

Thanks! Glad you liked it!