Friday, December 18, 2009

Clyde the Dirty Donkey Treat-aholic

I took these rather unflattering pictures of Clyde the Dirty Donkey the other day.

Donkeys like to roll and we have what they call "black gumbo" soil. It is some weird sticky clay yuck stuff. So when Clyde has a good roll,it stays with him for awhile. It is a good thing we've been getting regular rain to wash him off or he would turn into some kind of walking donkey clay pot!

His Dirty Donkey habits are not why I am writing about these unflattering photos.Much like a senator caught on a drinking binge in a dark alley somewhere by a reporter,this is Clyde trying to score a hit behind the barn!

Poor Clyde was not an addict until he came to our farm.He actually tried to resist at first. He said no the first few times he was offered what has become his drug..I mean treat, of choice.You are for sure wondering what has brought this once majestic,OK,maybe not majestic but definitely cute,donkey to begging behind the barn.Molasses horse treats.

Some animals can take them or leave them, not Clyde.He spends his days watching the back door from the pasture,then lets out a loud donkey bray if he sees me walk out.He will be at the gate before I get there.

He acts all casual, like he was going that way anyway. Hopefully, I have remembered to put a handful of treats in my pocket. If I do I give him one and go about my business. When I stop walking Clyde's nose hits me in the back.While I work,he donkey lips all over my fingers. If he can't get to my hands he starts trying to eat through my jacket pockets,even if there are no treats in them! As with most addicts, he has become shameless!

In these pictures he is begging.I had no treats.Notice the look of disdain he is giving me when he realizes there are no treats for him.

He soon returns to begging again and trying to get a hold of any part of me or my clothing he can reach with his big, rubbery, grandma without her teeth in , donkey lips.

I let out a long sigh,,turn around and walk back to the shed to get some treats! I know..but he is just so darn cute!


Pricilla said...

How could you forget treats?!
bad donkey momma, bad, bad, bad.

Texan said...

Great post, great pictures :O)!! I love Clyde even though I don't really know him, mercy how could one not love him after that post! I mean how cute is he with his give me treats face, begging eyes and those lips!! You just give that Donkey all the treats he wants!! Cuteness I tell you!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I've never had a donkey but I think they're so darn cute. Molasses horse treats? do you buy them? or bake them? do your goats like'em?

Melodie said...


I know,I know !!!

Clyde sends his thanks!

I buy the treats a Tractor Supply.They are too big for the goaties, If I broke them up they might eat them.Our goaties are picky divas,well, except Nibbles, she will eat anything!

Carolyn said...

I am liking donkeys more and more. Yours seems to have so much personality!

Julia said...

I know that look!!! But you donkey works it to a new level that I think horses are incapable. My horses are not so persistent or smart about where to look. :)

Anonymous said...

For the love of God, DON'T try sugar cookies. I too have a donkey named Clyde, and except for the pics, I would have thought you were telling my story. Tractor Supply is like the neighborhood crack dealer for donkeys.