Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Exorcism of Fiona

Today was the removal of the horns of evil deeds day for Fiona,my mean and cantankerous milk cow.Ever since we've had her she has been a bully towards the other animals. Then Sunday a week ago she totally went over to The Dark Side and gored Sweetie and Bonnie. So today we took her to see Dr. Merry and have an evil reduction.

It was 2 evil horns for the price of one!

Yes,it looks a little gross,but really, who would expect the removal of tools of darkness to look pretty?

Not bad from the front view though.

Everyone, including Dr.Merry, said this will help set her on the path of goodness.It had better 'cause next time she goes in that trailer she'll be coming home wrapped in freezer paper!

Just 'cause he is so cute,here is Butter Bean trying not to get his feet wet.

He absolutely hates getting his feet wet! He is nice and fluffy in his winter coat!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Here's hoping for a sweeter, kinder, gentler Fiona....if she knows what's good for her!

Pricilla said...

Fiona almost looks like Abby in a way. Hmmmm.

It is funny how we goats hate to get wet.

Ruralrose said...

funny what makes a rural person happy and yet there it is, love this post - have had a few prissy goats in my time, characters every one - peace for all

Texan said...

Oh dear Fiona, being mean didn't pay off girly...nope when we have horns we may not use them on other animals or our care givers..nope, nope, nope... sorry you lost your horns girly but some have to learn the hard way...

Put this day behind you and move forward with kindness Fiona...ahem do you know what freezer paper is Fiona? If not have Butter Bean explain that one to ya...