Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not Enough Hours in the Day

It has been busy around here! What, with all this gorgeous spring weather, there is just so much to do! I have been working like crazy to get things planted in the garden! I will be honest...I don't know how I am going to fit it all in! I went a little crazy with the seed orders this year! Since I wanted to try saving seeds from heirlooms I ordered a lot of different kinds in order to find out what works best here,this can be a challenging gardening  area after all! Next year I will have less of a selection because I will only grow what worked well this year.

The baby chicks are doing great! Didn't even loose one! We moved them out of the spare room and out to Hubby's shed. It is warmer at night now and they are older.

 They are growing fast!

I had a Buff Orpington  hen go broody so this morning I refilled her nest with a dozen Bourbon Red Turkey eggs! We'll see how that goes!

Nibbles is doing good. She is feeling a little cooped up and wanting back out into goat land!

The boys,Hoss and Tube Sock,yeah I lost out on Little Joe, are just full of  goatie goatness!

Bouncing and playing all over their pen! Like their mother,they try to eat everything!

Here is Hoss playing "king of boy mountain"!

And can I eat this?

 Having baby goaties does make it hard to get things done around here! They need to be properly watched and adored after all!

This is Doodah ...she is due  on the 8th. What do you think..twins?

Butter Bean says he is finding that being an uncle is absolutely exhausting!

 I have to say thank you to my blogging sisters at  Texan,Polly's Path and Life on our Iowa Farm! They all gave me with The Beautiful Blogger Award! And Tails From the Williamson's trails who gave me an honorable mention because we received this award together . So if you don't know about my wonderful blogging  sisters go on over and check them'll be glad you did!


polly's path said...

awww, Butter Bean! So sweet! Someone just told us we needed to get an old slide for our goats-it looks like he has one of those!
And, come on, Doodah!!! Bring on the twins!!! I don't know though-my China was huge too, but Tardy was the only one in there, almost as big as his poor momma!

Pricilla said...

It's that time of year!

I love the kids. They are so cute.
I can't wait 'til they start popping around here.

Texan said...

Girly I hear ya, I am in full swing around here as well with this lovely weather!!

Just called Home Depot as my blocks have not shown up yet today and its 4:30!! They assured me they would be here!

I started cleaning out the winter goat barn, oh my gosh... never has it been this bad to clean out but never have we had a winter like we did and put that much hay in and left it as we were told to do ... what a job!

Love the pic of the new little goaties piled up sleeping together :O) and Butter Bean does truly look like he is just wore out in that picture LOL and if Doo Dah doesnt have twins then that baby goat is laying totally sidways is all I can say LOL...

the wild magnolia said...

Well now, I am thrilled to my finger tips with this post.

Doodah and the expected, the nibbling twins, the snuggling twins sleeping, Butter Bean sprawled in rest, The Boy and the twins, fluff chicks, splendid storytelling pictures.

This was way to much fun for me, living down south in Florida, and you over there in Texas doing all the work, with The Son and The Hubby's help of course.

Teresa said...

What a wonderful set of pictures. I'm not surprised to see a boy spoiling kids or vice versa. That is such a natural pairing. Poor Uncle Butter Bean just can't keep up with the two of them. Our eleven kids here are bouncing around and I can't keep up with them.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I had a pretty good childhood but would have LOVED Boys childhood. "Tubesock" that's a good name. Doodah looks fairly wide, I'm guessing triplets. Something more than twins anyway.

Lin said...

Those are just the cutest goats! I have to say, I do like Tube Sock for a name--it makes me laugh!

Callie said...

Very cute photos. Kids are the cutest and lots of fun.