Monday, March 8, 2010

Boredom and Pullet Bullets

Well, there has not been much happening around here.We seem to be in a forever  end of winter limbo,ready and waiting for spring.So much to do when it finally gets here! We have rain again today...I know we need it...sigh! Just look at this lovely greenness from last year!

We are getting about 20 eggs a day! It is so muddy half go to the dogs because they are dirty.Makes the dogs real happy! I have seen other folks posting about their strange eggs, the strangest we have ever gotten is a tiny one the size of a bird egg and pullet bullets! Pullet bullets are the real skinny ones the young girls squeeze out! Having a boy...well..the first time he saw them he said they looked like chicken bullets so that is how we named them!

I wonder..if you were to hatch a pullet bullet,would the chickie have a pointed head? Sorry ,it's a slow day!

To drive home how slow it is, here is a picture of our lunch. Homemade chicken noodle soup made from our own chickens and  homemade broth!

The noodles are rice noodles because me and The Boy have trouble with wheat.The only way we tolerate bread in moderation is a slow rise  buttermilk sourdough bread.The slow rise and buttermilk help to deactivate the bad enzymes.That is what is next to the soup,crusty garlic toast, homemade of course! Yes ,it was yummy! Perfect for a dreary,rainy day!

For those of you who are new to me,this is what Hubby does in China!

He builds off shore oil rigs!


Yep,he's a manly man for sure!



rox said...

lol , pointed heads , conehead chickens ! I missed in the last post that your dh works away from home !
Oh how I know that life ! My dh used to have to work up north alot and go into the states etc. for work .He is an industrial painter ( he coats a lot of pipes for those pipelines ) and now works for a company here . No more going away , that is saved for the young guys .
Honestly I never minded it so much when the kids were real little . At that age kiddos like being with mum lots and I had so many mum friends having babes the same time as me etc.
But as our children aged I missed having another parent in the home and dh got tired .He physically couldn't stay away as he used to . He applied at this much larger company & he now runs the shop and does not have to leave home . Time & expereince do help & count for something in those blue collar jobs ;-) lol I said to him one day " so you know who you've become don't you ? ... that old guy at work " lol he used to be the one coming home talking about the old guys at work ;-)
I'm going to make my dh bison stew tonight I love my manly man too :-)

Pricilla said...

Do you can your stock?
I have so much canned it's great!

We get a lot of those strange eggs too. They are so long and skinny you have to wonder what is going on....

the wild magnolia said...

Great post. Loved the pullet bullets. And oh my, the homemade bread and chicken noodle soup, comforting.

Also like seeing where your hubby works.

Blessings as you wait for spring. :)

Billie said...

I ready to get outside and start planting my flowers, vegetables. That is a good looking man, must have good genes from his parents. My jonquils are blooming, they are so pretty.'I am so tired of rain,and we are suppose to be going into the rainy season.

Melodie said...

My boys would love some bison stew.Bison is The Boy's favorite!My hubby is starting to not feel as young as he used to be..I think this will be his last year like this.He also wants to be home more for The Boy now that he is a teen!

Yep, I can my own! The best stuff ever!

the wild magnolia,

Thank you!

Yep ,must be in the genes,haha!My daffodils and jonquils are blooming too but not like back in NE Texas!

Texan said...

Your soup looks so good... even if I don't eat chicken still looks very good...

Your missing your honeyman huh... I know he just headed back over...

Its rained here all day as well, I didn't get anything done outside, short of care for the animals...

Farmgirl Cyn said... is soup weather around here except during the dog days of summer!
How long is the man gone for? YIKES! Don't know how I would handle that! Takes a strong woman to be able to hold down the fort while dad is gone!

Melodie said...

Thanks! Yep I always miss him!

Farmgirl Cyn,
Soup is most always good I agree! He is on 28 and 28 now,He was on 6 weeks on 3 off.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

My lady had two pullet bullets in her coop this morning! Quelle co-inkiedinks!

Lin said...

Oh, so he's gone awhile then. How long is he gone at a time?

I love your skinny eggs--I think my kids came out like that!

DebH said...

I just love hearing about the "real life" of other folks. Your life sounds interesting and you have an amazing family. Oil Rigs?!! That has to be some hard work, and I bet he loves the relaxation of the hard work at home. Wouldn't it be grand if we earned what it deserves to stay home and take care of our families, farms and ranches. Also,,I am getting up and going to make a big bowl of soup. You are inspiration!! :)

Melodie said...


It is the time of year for pullet bullets!


Yes,he has to be gone for 28 day,used to be 6 weeks! MY kid was not skinny,he was 10 1/2 pounds!

Yes,my Hubby is a hard working man.When these guys work over seas it is 7 days a week 12 hr minimum days! Yes it would be a dream to be able to make a complete living from our farms!

polly's path said...

nothing like homemade soup(the only kind there is, really!) to brighten up a yucky rainy day. We have had two days with temps in the high 60s, up to low 70s, but I hear rain is coming this afternoon. I have a huge pan of chicken pot pie ready to be baked off-I will need that kind of food tonight if it really rains. All homemade, of course, with some of my frozen veggies, but bought chickens. Somehow I have not been able to transition to raising chickens for food. Contemplated it last year and almost bought some cornish crosses, but chickened out(sorry!)
How do you do it?

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I don't know if those odd-shaped eggs would even hatch, do you? My husband used to be a really tough guy but now at 55yrs old, he's feeling it. I keep teasing him that I'm gonna trade him in for a newer model.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

the soup looks great but the husband looks better!

Holly said...

The strangest egg we ever had was a triple yolker. The third yolk was real small. As for bullet eggs, we have a hen that lays them on a regular basis. I don't mind them but I become puzzled which end to put downward in the egg carton when Gertie lays a oval egg without one end smaller than the other. That's a long time away from home and a long plane ride back and forth. My husband worked for his company in Australia once for six weeks. I didn't like it much but a you've got to do what you've got to do.