Friday, March 5, 2010

Goodies and Tractor Learin'

I am a winner! Look what came in the mail yesterday from October Farm !


These lovely glass dishes and great doilies! I am a doily addict! I absolutely can't have enough of them.She threw in a box of candy too..but...well,I am afraid it has be properly ..disposed of! HaHa ,that sounds way better than scarfed down! Not the candy that is in the bowl now,that is my today's disposal project! So here is a big THANK YOU to my friend at October Farm and if you haven't visited her blog she is always having give aways  and lots of yummy recipes.Plus she is the Thrifting Queen!

I thought I would show you some pictures of Hubby teaching The Boy to drive Ole Betsy! It is a good and useful thing to know how to drive a tractor especially on a farm!


Is this a look of fear? No,he is just being his usual goofy self!


 All right Boy,keep it on the farm! No driving Ole Betsy to town!

This is the hay spear Hubby built for the back.It has been tested and works great! My back is letting out a sight of relief!

Hubby is on his way back to China this matter how long we have been doing this..I still miss him! 


polly's path said...

Betsy is adorable! The more I see her, the more i want one just like her!
No shiny new tractor for this new-ish farm!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

glad the box arrived safely and also glad you like it!!!

Texan said...

and you always will miss him... cuz your in luv girly :)... I can totally relate :O)...

Thats super your DH got to give your son some tractor lessons before he left!

I am just tickled pink you guys got a tractor!!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

well now, standing next to that big, white, shiny boat, Betsy looks a little poorly.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a nice win!

Watch out, your son will be driving cars soon!

rox said...

Oh , love it ! gal stuff & guy stuff ;-)
I so wish my dh could have a tractor lol not sure about the boy though I can just see the projects our ds14 would attempt !
I also love octoberfarm blog I think I found you both via each others blogs ;-)
pray for us we are hoping to see a farm this weekend !

Texan said...

your glass dishes and doilies are great! I meant to say that earlier and forgot to ...Nice win :O)

Lin said...

Kids and tractors!! Looks like fun for the boy. :)

Julia said...

I love our tractor too. :)

I feel you happiness. Really I DO!

Pricilla said...

I hope your hubby has a safe trip.
My hubby would love to have an ole Betsy

goatgirl said...

I'm curious what your hubby does in China. My son went to school there for that was an experience.
Betsy looks even better now that she is on your farm. I would love to have one just like her.

the wild magnolia said...

How fun to watch the son learn to manage ole betsy. Husband has a sense of humor, yes!

Congratulations on the Octoberfarm thifty win! She and Teddy are one of my fav's!

Great blog and a fun visit for me every time.

Thanks for sharing...

Safe travels and return for your husband.

Callie said...

Congratulations on the win. I love lace too! Having Boy be able to drive the tractor will be a plus for you. Hope your husband has a good trip and will be home soon.

Animals with Opinions said...

i think we have mentioned how much we love that tractor. i need a tractor to drive around. can you just imagine all of us driving around on it!

frank the fabulous sheep