Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The High Cost of Parenthood

As most of you know,we are a homeschooling family.Maybe we are an unschooling family... we don't follow a strict routine and our lessons vary with The Boy's interest.Don't get me wrong we stick to the basics,math,history spelling.... We  believe in a ton of knowledge through reading, which The Boy loves! A big teaching tool for us,especially Hubby, is hands on learning.The Boy welds,tinkers with the trucks, builds things and works with the animals. He knows how to do more than a lot of grown men I know(Momma brag moment)! We encourage this and give him pretty much free reign to do what he wants,he is a good and trustworthy kid after all!

So a couple of days ago he is messing around under the hood of my truck. Nothing unusual about that, he takes care of me! He said I needed some new fuses for something and I said for him to get them when ever we were in town next. I drive an '05 Toyota Tacoma,that's a truck for non auto minded people like myself! I will drive it until it is so old people stop and point when I drive by!  Never had a lick of trouble with it. I get in to take The Boy to church  the next morning and my warning lights are on for my ABS system and Brakes! Yikes! Things seem OK though. I look in the owners manual.It says stop immediately and get the truck serviced. Yeah, right!  It seems OK to me! I Google it and it says to check the brake fluid.I have The Boy put some in, it was OK but not all the way full. Hmm ...lights still on. So I tell Hubby,who is in China, and he says for me to take it to the dealership. Well,this just makes every frugal bone in my body ache! Nooo...not the dealership!  Deep down I knew if he was home he could fix it for a fraction of the price of the dealership! My Hubby can fix anything,it's a gift ! He made me promise to take it in,because he knows me and I will wait for him to get home.He also  knows  that I am a woman of my word and if he can get me to promise it is a done deal.
So I drive the 40 or so miles one way,yeah,were in the boonies, to get my truck checked.The whole while wondering if the next time I needed to stop...would I!
So after an hour of playing i-phone scrabble, they beep me.  I ask what was wrong.

Drum roll......the fuse was in the wrong place! The guy put it back in the right place and charged me $60! I looked at the boy...he had turned 6 shades of red!

Well,it was a learning experience.Now I am understanding about the high cost of education!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oh Melodie....if that was the only expense you'd be getting off dirt cheap! Talk to me sometime about the high cost of rebellion!

Pricilla said...

Oh my....well, I guess he will know where the fuses go from now on.

Better safe than sorry no matter the cost.

Anonymous said...

I would say that was a very important lesson for your son to learn. Of course you as well. When your son told you that you needed some fuses after tinkering under the hood......Hmmmmmm, Son, what exactly did you do while under the hood?......tilt head, smile.....Luckily it was only a 60 dollar fix.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

but Boy is going to turn out like his daddy and know how to fix everything, this was just a blip. I love Boy because he loves animals.

Melodie said...

Farm girl Cyn,

This was a laughable expense! Teenage rebellion is no laughing matter.


I will remind him of this when he has kids of his own!


Yes he will be a good fix it man for sure!Yes,he has a big heart for animals...I think he would make a good vet but he doesn't want to have to put animals down,so he says no way!

Lin said...

That's all a part of learning! Now he knows how and where to put the fuses. No damage done, right?? Hey, at least he tried--most kids wouldn't even try to help out.

Tales from the Williamson's Trails said...

Cute story. Well, now it's a cute one. He's trying mom. There usually a learning curve though : )

polly's path said...

I bet he won't ever put that fuse there again though-see, you are still educatin'. Lesson learned.

Texan said...

OOPS :o)

DebH said...

Those are the whoopsies that stick with you and you never forget...and what a reasonable fix though. You are raising a Super boy! I agree on sons and how they are priceless!! I love them!!!

polly's path said...

I know this is from another post, but how in the world do you tell a male turkey from a female one?

Barbara said...

Melodie, I don't have young boys or girls at home, but we do raise goats, about 70 now and have ducks and 2 wild turkeys that came last summer and I fed them and they have not left yet. Then there are 6 dogs, 5 cats and one last beta. I came by to say hello and invite you come to my blog and check out my list of Texas Bloggers and follow along.
Hope you will.