Saturday, May 22, 2010

Awards,Giveaways and Veggies

I am still having trouble keeping up with blog land! I suspect, with the temperatures slowly creeping up into the 90's I will soon be entertaining  myself more indoors! The heat index today was supposed to have been 100*'s all this coastal humidity! When the winds keep up it is not bad but when we get a still day I turn into some kind of  sweat factory! OK,sorry, middle age sweaty woman images may not be how you want to start your day!

First off on my catch up post...I received an award from my bloggin' buddy Texan....thank you!

Now the rules for this award are as follows. Thank the person who gave it to you, share some things about yourself, pass along the award to other bloggers and contact them about their award.

Now,I don't think there is anything that strange or interesting about me...if I were to ask someone who knew me they would probably have a different opinion about the strange part!!  Let's 1969  I was abducted by, just kidding ,I wasn't even born in 1969!
I have a pair of tiny water frogs that live in a tank amid the ever growing clutter on my desk and I enjoy watching them immensely......I have an unnatural fear of the dark, particularly the outside dark.....I like to  "graze" from the yard and the woods.....when I was a teenager I drove a 1965, candy apple red, mustang...I have no regrets.That last one may sound strange to some but it is true non the less...

So to pass this one on to some more of my blogging friends.....

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A Goat's View of Eden Hills-Millie Ann Saanen, a lovely goat..because you all know I love those goatie blogs!

There are soo many more blogs  out there I absolutely love!

Now I would like to tell you about some giveaways! Let's face it, we all love the giveaway part of blog land!

Eden Hills is giving away a hand made , very cute, window sill cat to celebrate her 100th post!

Broken Teepee is giving away an audio book,The War Lovers,by Evan Thomas. I won  Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter from one of her many giveaways a couple of weeks ago and me and The Boy have really enjoyed listening to it on our long trips to town!  So, I would love to win another one! She is also giving away some Tropical Traditions shredded coconut! I am a big fan of Tropical Traditions and have been using their stuff for about 5 years now! She has lots of other giveaways going on so go over and check her out! Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't yet!

Now for some farm stuff! I am going to show you some garden picts... please,do not judge me by the size of my weeds!

Apparently I am raising a rather obscene  egg plant! This is the only one growing appendage! I have never grown egg plant since my boys don't care for it ,I just planted 3 this year for me!

I have lots of green tomatoes...all the many varieties I planted have done well so far. I  am still planning on narrowing it down for next year...I guess it will be up to taste since they all are growing and putting on tomatoes!

This plant is in the biggest tomato cage I know of and is already way past the top!

 The yellow squash is covered in babies! I feel a batch of squash pickles needing to be made up soon!

 These are Roma flat green beans.They have done excellent! I have already picked two big messes off them and they have plenty more and are still blooming! They have a wonderful flavor too! I will definitely be planting these beans again this fall! I do not know how well they can since I only planted a "sample". I will know this fall because I will plant a bigger patch,I really hope they can well.

This corn is called Black Mexican....have to wait and see about it....

Here I have tomatoes growing up the cattle panels, cucumbers growing underneath and speckled butter beans to the right. That is tall grass I pulled up and hung on the top wire of the butter beans to give them something to climb on to get up to the top wire...ingenious..maybe...but mostly I was just too lazy to go back up to the house for garden string!

Here you can see the tomato side,lots of green tomatoes in there! I am workin' on the weeds..but I will tell ya'll the truth..the weeds always,eventually win!

This is the kind of tomato I always think about when I here heirloom! The deeply lobed, pear shaped tomato...this is Goldman's Italian American.

The first 2 rows are purple hull peas and the next is a dry soup bean...Hutterite...

These are supposed to be some of those Chinese long beans,I an excited to see if they will really grow a foot!

Here are some of my Easter Lilies! No,they don't know it is way past Easter!

I had to get a few shots of the sheep happily grazing in the fading light! They have mostly shed off their winter coats..some have a nappy patch or two left! Painted Desert Sheep do not have a usable  wool and sheed off their winter coats without having to be sheared. That one looking over her shoulder is Foxy! She and her brother were the first two sheep babies born this year! The Boy named her Foxy because she has a reddish color to her! The girls don't grow horns...

I loved this shot of sheep butts! I couldn't help it, they refused to turn around and smile!


Laura said...

Melodie, these are great pictures, your garden looks so good, puts mine to shame in fact lol but thats ok. When I try to post my pictures using blogspot it will only let me put up three at a time per post I don't know how to get more on there. I wan't a good row of pics like you have here. Anyway, no wonder you have no time to keep up with blog land. I am so in the same boat. I find that I really miss the encouragement of my fellow bloggers though. In my life most of my friends just think I am a little nuts for choosing to live this life. Enjoy your beautiful bounty!!

Melodie said...

Thanks! Yes, I do enjoy the encouragement of my fellow bloggers too! I don't have in friends who live like me except in blog land! On the pictures all I can thing of is you may need to update your blog ,some where on there it ask if you want to update to the new version.

Sharon said...

Good morning, Melodie! I never knew that blog giveaways was a standard practice, I will have to think about that. Crazy eggplant, I have had tomatoes like that. Your garden makes me wish we could grow things here, most things are so puny... and of course, we have to plant later. Looks like you may need a roadside stand for some of those tomatoes! Love the sheep! Have a great day!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

You are growing your own version of a Pizzle Plant! hee hee. I had Pizzle Fruit in my garden last year. hee hee
You are so advanced in your growing garden down there in warm Texas!

Lin said...

It's a boy!! Geesh, that is funny how that eggplant grew!

The garden looks FAB! It must be warm there to have everything look so good so early in the season.

It's not the warm weather here, but the fact that it is just nice outside that I am finding it harder and harder to sit at the computer and visit blogs. I just find myself outside enjoying the garden and pond more and more. Oh well, I guess that is better than sitting inside. Enjoy, pally! And tell your frogs I said "hi". :)

Millie said...

Thanks so much for the award. I'll have to think about my answers for a bit. The garden looks quite munchable.

Teresa said...

I am really amazed at how far ahead of us your garden is. I am supposed to be out planting right now, but it is so hot, I decided I needed a blogging break. I had a couple of eggplant last year that had appendages, but they were tiny. I wonder if size matters in eggplants.

Nekkid Chicken said...

WOW you have quite a bit planted. I got a good laugh out of your OBSCENE EGGPLANT. HOW funny is that? LOL

Pricilla said...

Sigh I'm jealous of your garden.
We are still doing seedlings.

We had frost two days ago


Callie said...

Love your garden and those tomatoes look so great. They are going to be delicious!

Julia said...

Oh I am so jealous of your veggie!! It has been so cold this year that ours are SLOW SLOW SLOW!!!! Seriously. The el nino is really making it's self known with cool weather this year. Usually by now we've got tomato set and some squash peeking but nothing.... *sigh*

Texan said...

Girly you not only have a green thumb you have green hands and arms I think! Holy smoke your garden looks goooooooood!!!

I don't know what my tomatoes will or won't make this year. Some are looking pretty good but none are what I would call loaded ... squash well I have picked a few but still loosing a lot of them after they get on the vine they get soft and rot :O(... but as I told Honeyman... we get what we get this year and we learn from everything :O)

Your eggplant made me giggle really good :O)...

A Cherry Red Mustang... ewww great car! and no regrets, not many I think could say that :O)...Thats great :O)... I can't say none, I can say few :O)...

Carol............. said...

Well., I certainly am envious of those veggies! Mine will take another 2 months before I can eat any of them.

That eggplant is just soooo can have lots of fun sticking on silly googly eyes etc. and taking pictures!

small farm girl said...

Thanks for the award! I don't think it's weird that you drove a mustang. I think it's great! The egg plant was very funny! And yes, I loved the butt picture too. lol

polly's path said...

Your eggplant be a boy, Melodie!!!:)
Abnd I just read about those sheep in the latest Hobby Farms mag.
Love your plants-everything is looking great. I am like you-my plants look great, but so do my weeds-yikes! I just haven't had to time to go out there and crowl around the rows and weed-and that's what is needs.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

You've got such a green thumb. I couldn't grow anything to save my life. Also? I love your "interesting" eggplant.

Oh, and the sheep butts! LOL!

- Margaret

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Your garden looks wonderful as do those adorable goaties over there on the sidebar...*so* cute :) Thanks so much for coming by Goat Berries. I'm going to add you to the blogroll now :)

Diana said...

Your garden is looking awesome!!!

Christi said...

Your garden looks great! Yum Yum! ..and that eggplant is hilarious!!

Jane Ellis said...

The best way to support your tomato plants is with The Tomato Stake.
Easier to use than metal cages or upside down planters, stronger than bamboo and won't rot like wood stakes. The built-in twist-tie supports make tying your tomato plants easy!

Kelly said...

What a gorgeous garden! Absolutely wonderful!

OK, so what do I do with this award? Never got one before! ;-)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

What??? I did a double take on how far along your garden is..IN MAY! I went back to check the date you posted this and then even thought maybe these were pics from last year!!

Now I'm actually embarrassed about the garden photos I posted today! lol
I'm having tomato and green bean ENVY!

Haaaa!! Your anatomically interesting eggplants made me LAUGH.