Monday, December 26, 2011

A Redneck Kinda Christmas

Yes,we had a wonderful Christmas here at Laughing Duck Farm!  Here are Hubby and The Boy trying to "out tall" each other by tip toeing and pulling each other down!
The Boy was waiting for me to hurry with the picture taking so he could open his gift. He picked it out so it is not a surprise...he just can't wait to get his hands on it!
 Look at that smile! This was his favorite present this year! Makes his hillbilly momma proud!
  A Mosin-Nagant rifle. It is an old Russian  rifle. The Boys' passions are guns,old Ford trucks and video games that involve shooting. He got other presents, even a new computer but that paled in comparison. Oh, he got gift cards too, which he used for ....ammo!
 Ahhh..nothing says redneck Christmas like the smell of  cosmoline filling the house!  The Boy happily spent the holiday cleaning his new prize possession! It was still in the original packaging, never used. When his Nanna asked him what he wanted for Christmas he said,and I quote,"ammo." His Christmas and birthday list for the next 3 years goes like this,gun,gun,old Ford truck,gun,gun,....! If you ask him what he is saving his money for he will guessed it..a new gun! The Boy also did a little squirrel hunting. Not with that rifle, there would have been nothing left but tufts of fur! He went out with his .22. He would have been happy to have a mess of fried squirrel for Christmas dinner but I was already cooking a rib roast so they went in the freezer.

 A little Christmas day target practice. You can see The Boy has passed up Hubby in the tall department!
 Father and son bonding...makes me smile from ear to ear I tell ya!
 From the sounds of gunshots around here I will say The Boy was not the only one who got a new gun for Christmas.  Half the folks with in a 5 mile radius were trying out new guns! Hey,remember this is Texas folks!

 I hope you all had Merry Christmases ....even if it may not have been a Redneck Christmas!


Jill said...

I love these photos. The boy and DH look so sweet together. Glad you have a Merry Christmas!

P.S. I can't help comparing this post to A Christmas Story. hehe!

DebH said...

and yes he did Outtall his Father! Yikes..what you feeding that boy. He has shot up these last couple years now hasn't he. My youngest child is also out talling me in that dept, but I think I'm shrinking. Funny funny on the guns a firing in Texas! Looks like your weather WAS just like ours this year. In all my years I don't think we've had 50's and gorgeous with NO snow on Christmas day. Looks like he got that perfect gift and you did too...everyone together! Now lets have that Wonderful New Year!!

TexWisGirl said...

makes me laugh. yes, it is Texas.

your husband is so handsome! your boy will be following in those footsteps, too, i'm sure!!!

Teresa said...

The boy certainly is getting tall. Glad you had a great Redneck Christmas!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Well they do look happy!

Lin said...

Well, I was going to write that we don't have guns here so this post struck me as different, but I live in Chicago--I guess we have guns and shooting in a whole different way!! We just don't have guns our house. And I'm a city gal, so I sorta feel for the squirrels. :)

It's nice that he and his dad bond over hunting and outdoors activities. I can't believe how tall he got!!! Sweet photos!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you at Laughing Duck Farm.

I look forward to another year of your adventures on the blog!

Pricilla said...

They look so much alike! I am not sure about squirrel but I would welcome some venison, elk, antelope....

Merry Christmas!

dr momi said...

Haha....great pics! Tell The Boy, guns and ammo are welcome gifts here too LOL.

wayside wanderer said...

Two peas in a pod! And I am very familiar with that tippy toeing game. We are short people with two taller sons, but the youngest has surpassed everyone, even all of our extended family. I know he is ours because I had him at home, but we do not know why he is so tall. Some ancestor somewhere....or is there a tall disease? haha

One of these days you will need to detail the fixing of squirrel for ingestion. =D

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Love that last photo, Melodie. My husband will be jealous when I show him that rifle. :)

Texan said...

Yep I would say Merry Texasmas fits the gun thing :O)...

in the coop said...

We haven't made it past air-soft guns at our house. I guess I should say, "yet". The oldest of our five boys is only 13. There's plenty of time to move into the real thing. Very curious to know how you are going to prepare those frozen squirrels!

O Profeta said...

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Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

You are too funny, Melodie!
Glad it was a good Christmas for all of you!

sophie...^5 said...

I is in sorta/kinda shock...excuse me....I am..blah blah...So that's a redneck's Xmas...Cheers...maybe squirrels for New Years!

rox said...

Lol duct tape chickens and guns you crack me up. I just got your email and told dh & ds10 about your soap and then said how you had a post about a gun but I hadn't read it . lol they made me come back and read it ! I guess if I want our boys to hunt for me I should take an interest in the guns . I just want to do the preparing etc. ds15 and I are taking a course this March in tanning skins ! I do hope it will be productive because I'd love to sell bear , deer , moose skins and make items to sell .
does your ds do bow hunting Melodie ? our boy 10yo is interested in that too.
I guess we are kinda redneck too what do you call a northern redneck lol ?

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Nothing better than a father and son out shooting. One suggestion --- ear plugs AND ear phones to cover the ears!! My Dad was on the National Guard rifle and pistol shooting team for years and in his 60s - deaf in high frquencies. He'd laugh and say God did it so he wouldn't have to listen to Mom in his old age -- but seriously - being a teacher of the deaf --- both of your guys may want to this some ear gear while shooting!! Has your son thought about the olympic shooting team? He may want to check it out. Every state has one!!

the wild magnolia said...

These photos seem out of the past, ages old, they have that feel to me. Father and son. The Boy looks older in these photos.

My Mom said people could not always visit on the holidays. They would go outside and shoot a single greeting shot. Living in the country has its privileges.

So happy your Christmas was good!!!!!

GreyWolf said...

I hope your son loves that old rifle as much as I do mine. They are some very nice shooting guns and pretty accurate too.

Anonymous said...

ah, I love it! I wonder how many squirrels will be left within an 'X' radius around your homestead, lol.

Also laughed out loud at the chicken strait-jacket. What a good idea!