Thursday, July 21, 2011

Out and About

First off I would like to say...We got some rain!!! I had almost forgotten what it was like! It was a good rain and 2 days in a row.

Folks around us got way more than us and that is good because that means there may be hay this fall to cut and we will all be needing hay! For some reason we have a weird lake effect here. Storms come right up to the lake and dissipate,then form right back up past us and keep going. It is enough to bring tears to drought dried eyes I tell ya!

I was thinking this morning,this blog has a wide variety of post. Farm animals,gardening and canning,homeschooling,sewing,spinning...crazy rants,lol! I really could divide it into more than one blog...but then I have trouble keeping up with just this one so I won't start another one just to neglect it too!
With it being so hot me and The Boy get to feeling a little, OK a lot, cooped up and house bound, both of us being cold weather kind of people! We tend to hide out in the summer in a darkened house, AC going full blast. So, I decided we needed a road trip! There is this store in Navasota, 1 1/2 hrs from here, that is a fiber store and I have been wanting to go see it. The store is called WC Mercantile. Now you know The Boy is desperate when he jumps at the opportunity to go to a fiber store! It is a nice easy drive, no traffic really.We have to go through Huntsville, but as long as you are not in going to work traffic it is an easy town to drive through. I will tell you all, I would rather drive 5 hours on Texas highways or any highways for that matter, than 1 hour down in Houston! Uggg! I think there may be a fiber store down in Houston but there is no way I am driving down there to go have a look! Anyways,The Mercantile had a lot of fiber I have not had the opportunity to spin and they have no problem letting you feel all the fiber,which I did!  The big problem was deciding which ones I wanted to take home! The Boy,who was sitting on a couch, rolled his eyes and said,"your going to be awhile aren't you?" Well you know the answer to that was yes! Navasota is a lovely old Texas town.The downtown is made up of beautiful historic buildings and lots of antique shops. I think I will go back the next time my MIL is down, she is my junkin' buddy and we can spend the day there hitting the shops!

I ended up with 8oz of artisan dyed superfine merino in this lovely gold,it reminds me of Autumn leaves!
I also got 8oz of Fawn colored fine alpaca,which will be a first for me to spin. It is oh so soft!
Then I got 8oz of this merino and tussah silk blend. I ,like most spinners I think, love merino. I have seen a lot of this tussah silk on etsy and around but have never spun it myself so this will also be a first!
The girl that rang me up said she loved spinning this one,85% Blue Faced Leicester and 15% tussah silk. This, again, will be another first for me!
Then just for the heck of it a bag of sparklies to make some yarn extra special!

 So this will keep me busy for a couple of months in the spinning department, like I need more projects! I have so many things going on! My friend Texan and I cause each other to have a lot of UFO's. That is crafter talk for unfinished objects! We inspire each other to constantly start new stuff! It is fun though, to have a buddy to do things with! We have been planning a new quilt project ,even though neither of us have finished our last project we started! This one is the cathedral windows quilt! I always have half a dozen thing going at once. I think it is a type of crafter's ADHD! I do eventually get them done. Something usually has to give though and that something is house work. I mean really,does it really matter that much if there are life sized balls of dog hair wafting around in the corners! If I keep the lights  low any visitors will just assume it is another dog right? Another thing me and Texan have decided to do is make some of our own clothes! She has already got started on some super cute tops! It must be a 40's thing....I do not like a lot of the new styles and I am so never going to be ready for the "old lady" look! So I will just start making my own funky and to my own taste clothes!
Coming home through Huntsville,they have a quilt shop there in the downtown area  that carries some of that wonderful vintage fabric from the 30's and 40's. I am soooo in love with that stuff and every time I go through there I have to stop and get a cut of one of them. I got this one this time.
I think this will make some great throw pillows! of these days...when I get done with plying the yarn I have on my wheel...and finishing that dust ruffle..and working on that quilt...and cutting out that top..and.....


texwisgirl said...

oh CONGRATS on getting some rain!!! Woo Hoo!!! I'm celebrating yours since we're still waiting for anything up here! UGH!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Please send your rain over.

That first wool picture is a wonderful color - I love it!

Millie said...

Even though you write about a whole lot of topics they fit nicely on one blog about your life on the farm. I have a second blog of poetry that would be of no interest to most of the farm bloggers out there, and it gets sorely neglected. I love seeing all the different projects you do. Hopefully, I'll get to see them all finished some day! LOL

Texan said...

I like all your fibers! The merino and tussah silk blend really makes me think of Harrison's hair! The light grey in it just so looks like his long hair doesn't it :O)...

I like that piece of fabric girly. Very cute. I still have to get to town to get some muslin so I can start my cathedral window quilt!

I totally agree, you and I are never going to do the elastic waist double knit look so we might just as well get good at making our own stuff.

wayside wanderer said...

Yay rain! My sister in New Braunfels got some, too! Whoot!

I really like the variety of things you talk about on your blog. All facets that make you YOU and I really enjoy it. So...don't go changing. =)

It is a lot of fun to read about little Texas towns and what is going on in them. I even like learning about the rain stopping at the lake. Interesting stuff!

Can't wait to see some FFO's! Oh...I am having my first knitting get together tonight with my homeschool friends. I don't really know that much but I thought it would be fun and I have a handful of other moms who think so, too.

Leslie in N. Texas

Sharon said...

Looks like you'll never run out of projects! Pretty wool!

Pricilla said...

You don't want to know about my pile of UFOs heh

Tree Hugger said...

Your yarns are beautiful - especially love your alpaca wool!! So good for your hands while your knitting too!
Looks like you're getting ready for winter nights!! Have fun!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I don't knit, but I would buy some of that wool just to run my hand through. Seriously.

And if I can fit one of those bales in an envelope, I'm sending it to you asap. :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Nancy is right, the wool looks like something I'd love to have something made out of when it's cold outside which I'm trying to remember how that feels...I'm glad you all got some rain. We had a brief shower a couple of days ago and I heard birds singing during the storm--They were happy too!!

Lin said...

Ugh. Thanks for reminding me of the quilt I have sitting in the closet for a few years now, waiting for me to finish quilting it.