Monday, July 11, 2011

Canning and More Ducks

 No, not canning ducks  just more ducks! But I would can ducks if we liked to eat ducks but we don't,so no canned ducks today! Just because the garden is mostly done does not mean there is no canning going on in my kitchen! When ever I find good deals on fruits and veggies I buy them up in bulk and can them.Yesterday they had a whole bunch of mushrooms marked down for quick sale. Now, you do have to inspect marked down mushrooms because sometimes they are...fuzzy! These looked really good so I bought them all,8 packages. Mushrooms are easy to can,but they shrink a lot so if you can only get one or two packs you may not feel it is worth getting out the canner for. They must be pressure canned but you have to do very little to them.Wash them, sliced them if you want and boil for 5 minutes pack in jars and process 45 minutes.

I always wash my mushrooms.Oh,I know those fancy chefs say just brush them off and never wash them.Well... I will tell you,as a gardener who has used that wonderful garden gold, mushroom compost, I am washing my mushrooms!  I know what those little pieces of "dirt" really are! If you have never used mushroom compost let me tell you,it stinks so bad you can barely breath when it is fresh! Literally it smells as bad as an outhouse in the Texas summer time! And yes,I do know what and outhouse in the Texas summertime smells like! Some of you may be thinking port-a-potty. Nope, a port-a potty is like a golden throne compared to a real out house! When I was a girl my great grandparents still used an outhouse. I just know you all want to know what that was like,so I will tell you. First off all the grown ups tell you to watch for snakes and get a big stick to run around the hole in case of spiders! While you are holding you breath and watching for snakes poking the hole for spiders and  still trying to hold your breath and sweating like crazy, Texas summer time remember, looking for these deadly creatures all the while trying not to glimpse down the hole that is withering and alive with, I don't know,a gazillion maggots and praying that if a snake or spider does get you you do not fall down the hole....ahhh child hood memories! Thank you tho who ever invented the indoor toilet!  Gosh, see how easily I get sidetracked!  Back to mushrooms! When ever I can mushrooms I also can the broth that was leftover after their 5 minute boil. It just smells too good to waste!  It is very good when you are cooking meat in the crock pot,or to put in a soup or when you are making gravy.

I always try to save things I need to do that day in the kitchen for when I have to be in there watching the canner.

While my mushrooms were going I cut up some bananas and dipped them in coconut and put them in the dehydrator.

A terrific idea I got from my buddy TEXAN! I then cut up 2 fresh pineapples that will go in to the dehydrator after the bananas. Then I shredded 2 heads of cabbage and salted and seasoned it for Kraut. If you have never tried making your own kraut you should! It is sooo good and good for you because of the  fermentation that has all those lovely good for you bacteria in it! Plus you can season it how you like. Put in some hot peppers...onions...what ever spice you like! I have tried several flavors but my favorite is with dill and celery seed.  I love it in the hot summer time,cold and crisp and salty,yumm!

Now here is where the duck part comes in! Crazy Daisy Jr. hatched out yet another batch of babies! Crazy Daisy Jr. has got to be the most baby hatching  duck we have ever had!
 Anyone want some ducks?!?!


Kelly said...

If only we had a pond. I would love to have ducks and geese too. I think I will wash my mushrooms from now on. Oh, and you have given me a love for my indoor toilet. LOL

Pricilla said...

I have always dehydrated any mushrooms I came across. Never thought to can them.

You really are the Laughing Duck Farm 'cause those ducks will be a' laughing at you as they take over!

Sharon said...

Aah, I sure wish I could take some ducks, but with this summer heat and humidity, I can barely take care of me. They look so cute!

LindaG said...

I wish. They're cute. Crazy Daisy must be good at hiding her eggs. :)
I have so much to learn about canning. But thanks for the tip on saving the mushroom water. I would not have thought of that. :)

the wild magnolia said...

Great post, simply wonderful!

If Darrel would eat mushrooms, I would can mushrooms. Quick and easy recipe.

As for the coconut banana's, yum-yum. Texas has good ideas too!

The duck babies are adorable, Crazy Daisy is a good mama.

Thank you for sharing.

texwisgirl said...

oh, i want the ducks! sadly, tho, our dogs ran off all the muscovies we had so i'd never be tempted to add anymore (we enjoy the wild ones we get tho!)

laughed at your total detour into outhouses. ha! i've experienced them in Wisconsin - but at least the snakes and spiders were not nearly as prevalent up there because of the cold winters. :)

Jill said...

Thumbs up to you for all of your canning! Those babies are adorable...wish I could take them off your hands.

Leontien said...

definatly more ducks! And yes i always wash my mushrooms too! No matter how many times Gordon Ramsey tells me not too!


Texan said...

oh how I remember the out house at my grandparents in Arkansas. They didn't have a indoor bathroom when I first started staying with them LOL. We took a bath in the kitchen in a big metal washtub. I hated that outhouse! Always snakes I swear near it or in it ewww.. My grandmother still had a chamber pot in the house for at night LOL.. for us girls LOL...Isnt that amazing.

I will have to try the celery and dill seed in my next batch of kraut!

Texan said...

If I had a safe pen for ducks at night I would take some of those ducklings! But I know the predators would get them here. They got our others sadly.

Lin said...

Go Daisy!! I'd take a couple of ducks, but I'm not sure how Hobbes would take it. They are certainly adorable!!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Awww, look at those ducklings! I have 10 ducks and none of them hatched a thing. Boo!

My turkey hen did hatch some guineas though. :)

Doc said...

Great idea with the shroom water. I would take the ducks but you and the Texan would have to design little ducky coats as this cool Oregon weather would shiver their little ducky butts to no end.

Teresa said...

I've never canned mushrooms. They certainly look wonderful. I must say, you brought back a lot of childhood memories for me with the outhouse talk. When I was growing up, we had an outhouse. Thankfully, we also had indoor plumbing, but I admit we did use the outhouse on occasion.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We've been doing lots of canning too. It's so much work, but come winter we'll benefit from it :-)

Chris said...

I think I mentally switched off when you mentioned the spiders. I don't do spiders.

I'm now going to bed to have a nightmare about spiders.

(shudder up spine)

wayside wanderer said...

Cute ducklings! We have one that looks like that. Sadly he is an only child. (Mushroom compost...I don't know....)