Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adventures in the Money Pit

 I know a lot of you out there are just beginning your spring but it is almost over here. We are supposed to hit 90* in the next day or so. Oh, and don't forget to add in the severe drought and wind that won't stop blowing at what feels like 100 mph. I feel cheated....I want my springtime goodness! I want cool,wet  mornings and abundant growth not dragging hoses in drenching humidity while every petal is blown from my wilted flowers by this relentless wind. Yes,I am whining! But seriously, Mother Nature,enough is enough!

For my newer friends who may not know, we live in a 104 year old dilapidated money pit. That  is fine with me...I get to live a hermity life in the country and have my animals and garden and not care if  an old bathtub sits in the yard or if the grass is mowed before I get a ticket. Plus, if I want to walk out to the shed naked there is no one to give hysterical blindness too! Not that I do that...not very often any how... When we first moved in I was on fire to get work done on the house...but after about a year I fizzled out. I decided I could live with a lot of ..hmm...imperfections, stained asbestos ceiling tiles don't really look all that bad after all right? Don't get in a panic..they are not really asbestos..I don't think. My Hubby is home for a decent amount of time from his adventuresome  life of  a globe trotting oil man so I decided it was time for a new home improvement project.  The Boy's bathroom. So I go and buy the stuff...new sink,toilette, I will spare you the picture of what the inside of the this toilette looked like but I don't think dynamite could have blasted out what ever was stuck in there! I tried everything short of battery acid!

A new mirror,lights,flooring...you get the picture.
Let me add Hubby is never thrilled at the prospect of home improvement. I ask him why  on  Earth he bought this place when it needed so much work and he hates home improvement projects. He replied,"Looked fine to me." Men!
I may have forgot to mention the previous owners did some home improvements of their own....a lot of them made the old place go from old home to death trap!  Just a few months ago the well quit working. We had the repair man out. He couldn't believe the tank hadn't exploded from the pressure! It was set up wrong and he said if it had exploded it could have torn through the house and for sure killed any one in it's path.  Made me feel real good considering I had been out there beating around on it with a wrench! Come to think of it, every repair man who has ever come out has just shook their head and   told us that what ever they were working on wasn't done right. I think this has a lot to do with Hubby's aversion to the home improvement projects, once he starts one he has double the work trying to fix the things done by folks before us. A lot of the previous folks  problems, I believe, had something to do with  the amount of beer cans everywhere and by everywhere I mean places like under the house,in the attic in the barns and sheds,under the chicken coop and well, you get the picture! I have nothing against responsible drinking. Heck I have been know to drink a bottle of wine now and again. In fact the government told me it was mandatory around PMS time for the good of mankind everywhere! BUT...there are some rules everyone should follow. Don't drive. Don't beat your kids. Don't have a case of Old Milwaukee and  re wire the AC unit. What makes a person down a dozen beers and  suddenly decide it is time to install  that new ceiling fan or build on a bedroom?

What started me writing this was Hubby walking through the house mumbling under his breath something about he wouldn't care if it just burned down to the ground and where are the band aids! I found him the band aids but told him to hush! He knows what the wiring is like in this house!

At this rate The Boy may be "using" the woods till next winter!


Texan said...

ROFL ROFL okay that cracked me up! Though I am sorry for the frustration of the redo on the bathroom but given mine and your DH have some very similar personality traits I bet I can guess what was being mumbled in between I don't care if it burns lol lol

the wild magnolia said...

Yee-Haw! Adventures in the money pit! For real, they will test your sanity while emptying your pockets.

Glad you hubby is home and so glad to hear from you!

We are in the 90's here is Florida and the humidity is up and down right now.

Great post! Loving your sense of humor.

Happy Day!

Doc said...

There had been years that I thought all the work would never get done on ours as well. Eventually it does and you get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors until one has a "vision" and once again the fun starts all over again :o/

Pricilla said...

You do not.

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

I feel your pain Melody! My house isn't a hundred years old, but there's not a "square" in the place. We are always afraid to start a new project because we know it won't be a quick, easy, or cheap job. It never is.

Nancy said...

The joys of owning an old farm house. I guess we were smart and redid everything before we moved in. Wiring, plumbing, etc... it was a mess.

Your post made me laugh, because it's all true. :)

LindaG said...

I know what you mean by wiring.
And yes, fixing what others has done is a pain.
Sorry to hear you're getting so much heat so early. Crazy when some places are still getting snow!

DebH said...

I love it!! Too funny...and the part about "on fire" to get er done the fizzle. Story of my life!!
Sure looks like alot of parts and tools to do a job and a real "crappy" job to boot...sorry..had to be said. I am sure your new bathroom is going to be super swell and I wanna see the after shots. Good luck!

texwisgirl said...

ha ha! we get that same response from workmen around here - usually plumbers that wonder what the heck someone else was thinking. your poor hubby, get's his honey-do list handed to him at the door. :) good luck and God speed!

Tina said...

Oh fun! NOT! It's one thing when you start it, it seems to turn into never ending. Problem at my house, he always starts but nothing gets ever finished....hope yours isn't like that lol.

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

I know what it's like having your husband come home after being gone for months. I hate to keep him working the whole time he is home, on the other hand, things need to be done. Once the project is done, he will be a happier camper. In the mean time, feed him well. Works for mine.

Teresa said...

I must say, the people before me did a lot of things to this house that don't make a lot of sense either. My dad just shakes his head and says things I won't repeat here. Isn't the rustic country life wonderful!

Lin said...

I like easy projects like painting and redecorating. I don't like scary projects like plumbing fixtures and electricity that can open up all kinds of problems. Any kind of house has it's quirkiness. Next one I get is gonna be a cardboard box! When it rots, I'll toss it and get a new one. :)

RiverBend Farm said...

Your mandatory drinking is a hoot! I feel for you, girl. I'm in Texas too..outside Bryan/College Station on the Brazos River. It's hot and very dry! There's no opening windows this season with all the dust in the air..to heck with feather dusters..we use shovels around here!

wayside wanderer said...

This is a great post. You have me chuckling. Glad you didn't cause an explosion!!! I am sad that spring seems to be over, too. It was nice....all 4 days of it. =)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We once rented a log cabin from 1840. That place had some crazy issues too! I hope your renovation comes together for you :-) I had to LOL over all those beer cans!

Jim said...

You are a very patient woman, Melodie! But a practical one too!
90 degrees! Ouch! And all that wind....hang in there and look forward to a reprise.

small farm girl said...

That is soooo funny! Although, it sound like our old house that we used to live in. It was built back in the 1860's.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Girlie Girl,

We too are in the same boat with house repairs. LOL Your post made me laugh. My honey man has a really "FOUL" mouth when tool belt is slung across his hips. I have often wondered just how much the former tenets had to drink to make some of the changes they did.

We are watering every night to keep our garden; it is a good thing we are on our own well. I took a picture at the zoo the other day that reminded me of your duck butt avatar. Hang in there and enjoy your hubby.

Take care,
Happy Easter,