Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pole Fixin'

If your pole looks like this.......

  ya may need to get it fixed! That thing was leaning so bad the if a bird landed on the line to the house I think it would have snapped! So we called the electric people and the first man came and said,"Yep, your pole's leaning." He said he would send someone else to look at it and write up a work order. The second man shows up the next day and says,"Yep, your pole's leaning." He ties an orange plastic tie on it and says someone will call me on Monday. They called and said they would be out first thing Tuesday.
 Sure enough ,first thing Tuesday morning a whole convoy of trucks show up at 8 o'clock sharp!

We did not get a new pole,those were for the next job.

They pulled up the old and might I add disturbingly short, anchor and drilled a new, deep,  big anchor for our leaning pole.

Then that truck left and in came the bucket truck to attach the new cable...

Then they tightened up the new cable.The pole is not completely straight but it has plenty of slack now on the line to the house. I hope the new anchor holds. It is this dirt we have, black gumbo.When we are in drought, like we usually are every summer it seems, it shrinks until it has huge cracks in can pull up cemented fence post if you wanted too! Then in the winter it is slick as owl poop and clings to your boots like lead weights. So now the pole is fixed...on to the next thing to worry about,lol!

 Oh ! Here is a picture of one of Hubby's deranged dogs,Pork of Pork and Beans, absolutely begging to bite something.We had to chain them up since this was all going on in their yard. Poor Pork, he so badly wanted to bite a truck, loud engines enrage him! He once tried to bite a chain saw...would have ended badly for him I am sure! "Please Mom, can I bite just one truck or man...just one bite ...please..there are so many...."

Of course I had to say no....but I assured him he could bite any burglars that came into the yard or creepy monster like figures toting chainsaws!


Sharon said...

They sure did take their time getting that fixed, didn't they? Well, you won't have to worry now, until the next time it leans - the other way!

Aw, poor Pork, couldn't even get a taste!

texwisgirl said...

Awww. Pork is so cute! Glad you kept him clear of trucks and machines! I have to worry about my Catahoulas as well since they dive in and bite truck tires and I always worry they won't notice the trailer being towed right behind!

I don't miss that black gumbo clay. We had it when we lived on 4 acres NE of Dallas. Hard as slate one day and boot-sucking soup the next after a good rain! The horses HATED getting thru that mud into their barn! Where we live now, SE of Dallas, we enjoy more sandy soil. We still get plenty of cracks in the summer, but that horrendous black mud is no more!

wayside wanderer said...

We have a little bit of a leaning pole in our yard. The transformers like to blow out on rainy days and catch the trees on fire. Just a little fire.

I wish my dog wanted to bite someone. He is quite the opposite and is more like to piddle on them. It is not very reassuring or dog-like, but we love him anyways.

DebH said...

Very sweet looking Pork there...I don't think he looks like a biter at all! He thinks rounding up things is his job for sure..I know the type..sweet and demure then snap! He just looks like a good protector to me and look at that smiling face. ;)
Glad your pole is fixed, a person just has to be on top of everything to avoid those catastrophes.
Good thing that one was diverted!!

John Gray said...


what a cracking name for a dog!!!!

Chambray Blue said...

Pork is so cute. What a name! haha

Pricilla said...

Well, at least they fixed it, right?

Texan said...

Poor Pork just wanted to do his job :O)...I have had a few people, erm I mean trucks here working at times I would have gladly let Pork at them! tee hee

Seriously though glad they got your pole fixed...

the wild magnolia said...

Pork is a bad little dude. So sorry he could not bite at will. :)

Good to have a watch dog that knows his stuff.

So funny, two visits, yup the pole is leaning, then the fleet arrives to straighten existing pole. I dunno', sometimes, I wonder about people. Other times, I just wonder about myself.

I'm thinkin' Pork may be the only constant here. My money $$$ is on Pork and Beans!

Happy evening.

Teresa said...

So glad your pole has been fixed. I had one makeshift pole to my well house that was at about a 40 degree angle. I am pretty sure the next wind was going to knock it down, so we replaced it with a nice 4 x 4.

Lin said...

Hooray! I'm glad they fixed it--hope it stays that way. Your soil doesn't sound like it's gonna cooperate though.

Tell Pork he can't bite the guys who are "helping" you! Although the mere sight of him biting the truck might have made them move faster. :)

Jabacue said...

They certainly have done this before.....looks very organized to me.
Good 'character building' for Pork! lol