Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blogger's Bock

Blogger's block...yep I have had it! I guess it is like writer's block only for bloggers, my creative mental juices have not been flowing! Would that be brain juice...hmmm. See my mind has just gone loopy! So let me see about some catch up for everyone.

I hatched 24 baby chicks in the incubator!

I was quiet impressed because I had used the incubator to hatch 3 batches of turkey eggs and had a very,very poor hatch rate.

The chicken eggs did great though!

We spent last Saturday morning at the feed store giving away kittens! They were all gone in 45 minutes! I do feel like all the people who wanted them will give them good homes. They all seemed nice and stayed and talked awhile before they left with their kittens,small towns ya know! The little one we kept is now named Oscar....Oscar Peterson. No, our last name is not Peterson, it's just Oscar's last name!

The in-laws made a surprise visit Sunday evening. Me and the MIL spent Monday at the antique shops,always fun!

I have been dehydrating bell peppers. I find I  have developed  some sort of need to be preserving some kind of food at all times!  I used some of the dehydrated bell peppers the other day and I am very impressed at how well they worked out in my recipe! I pan seared a couple of steaks then added some beef broth, a little tomato sauce, some Worcestershire sauce,S&P and some of the dehydrated bell peppers and let it all simmer for awhile. Then when the meat was to my desired tenderness I thickened the sauce with a little starch...mmmmm, it was really good!

Hubby comes home tomorrow! He will come home to a much cooler Texas than when he left last month! We have had some unseasonably  cool weather lately...I am not complaining,nope! I am cheering! I love the cold weather! It was 40* when I got up this morning!  This is not good for my Fall garden if I expect to get any tomatoes...but..I am so happy to have cooler temps I don't mind missing out on the extra tomatoes!

Some more big news,I am planning a trip next week to visit my blogging sister Texan! I can't wait,we have loads of fun stuff planned! Whew,I hope we can fit it all in and she has a bunch of baby goaties right now and you all know how I love those baby goaties! Hubby will get to be the single parent farmer for a few days...hmmm...I am not going to think about it,lol! I hope the Boys won't get into too much mischief!


Texan said...

WOW the chicks are so cute! I wonder what the difference is between hatching those and Turkeys. I know zero about doing either!

Yes we are going to have soooooo much fun, I am soooooo excited! We will squeeze all we are wanting to do in some way!!! We can do it!!

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, that little brown chicky is so cute. Congrats on all your hatchlings. It sounds like you have been busy and have fun. This cooler weather has been awesome!

Sharon said...

Cute chicks! It has to be fun to watch them hatch. Kittens are not that hard to find homes for, don't know why idiots drop them off!
Dried peppers and tomatoes are a very handy basic!
So, you going to go visit Texan, I hope you gals have a great time!!!

Lin said...

We all get those days where we can't find anything to post about. I've got Hobbes though, and he's always good for a story or two.

LOVE the chicks! How exciting to see them hatch. :)

Teresa said...

Those babies are just adorable! Hope you and Texan have lots of fun!

Doc said...

It was nothing you did or your equipment, turkey eggs are notorious at poor hatch rate. It was good to hear from your side of the world again. Have a grand time you two and perhaps teach her a bit about chicks or turkeys.

Foothills Poultry said...

Looks like a nice run of chicks. Congrats.


LindaG said...

Congrats on the chicks!

What Doc said. From what I've read on groups and blogs, turkeys are more sensitive than chicks. Harder to hatch and raise, so if you got any hatched, you did great!

What sort of dehydrator do you use? Just curious. I only make jerky right now and have always done it in the oven.

Enjoy your trip! Be sure to let us know how it went when you get back. :)

Melodie said...

right now I just have a cheap replacement dehydrator,my good one bit the dust a while back! I would like to have an Excalibur, but they are pricey! I make jerky too! The Boy loves sheep jerky!

LindaG said...

I've never tried sheep. I have tried salmon (too greasy to dry well) and I've used deer and moose.
Thanks for the information. I haven't been able to decide what to get, but once we start having a big garden. Or whatever, I think I'd like to get a real dehydrator and not just use the oven. :)

Melodie said...

Our sheep taste and cook just like deer!We rise the big horn game hunting type sheep.

LindaG said...

Wow. That's cool, Melodie. :)

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Can I come? Can I come? I want to meet up with you two gals!!!!!!!! I love the baby chicks. We have only 4 babies now I am ready to ban them outside. They are 8 weeks old. Sooooo cute! I have four dehydrators including an Excalibur. I highly recommend it over all else. You can make yogurt, cheese, dry wet photos, wet electronics, and all kinds of fruit, veggies and meats in the dang thing. I LOVE IT! I recommend looking on EBay for one. I picked mine up on EBay for $136 that is almost half off. It is a 9 tray and all. LOVE IT.
You two ladies have a ton of fun and try to stay out of trouble. What are you doing by the way? Canal Days?