Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm Back

Here I am! Back with a post! I know, I know, it has been awhile. What can I say, life gets busy. I have started back to school and  sitting at the computed half the day doing school makes me flee to the outdoors as soon as I done, never wanting to come back! Then today Hubby realized I had not done a post since last year and started fussing at me, saying he tells all kind of folks about our farm  and my blog and bah, blah, blah. He is just now realizing the last post was in August so HE is really not keeping up either,lol! 

I guess the best way to get back into things is with baby goat pictures! I mean really, that's why you all visit here right?  Doodle had her Doodle-ettes, a fine pair of bucklings. I was really hoping for one doe to keep since Doodle is such a good milker. I am kicking myself for selling her daughter last year. If this picture looks like they are running at me full speed that is because they are! They are attack goaties!
They are running to jump all over me, chew my clothes off and eat my hair till I am bald! 
This one is Junior. Doodle Junior to be exact, because he looks so much like his momma when she came here as a tiny baby.
 This one is Peanut. No reason except I think Peanut is a good name for a Doodle baby. Her son last year was named Peanut also. Next year, if she has another light colored boy, his name will be Peanut too!
The Doodle boys are sweet and will make excellent pets for someone this spring.

The very next week after The Doodle-ettes arrived, Nibbles and Purl kidded at the exact same time!  Purl, one of my pygoras, was a first time kidder and having a slow labor. Nibbles is an old pro and went in to labor and kidded fast! I was running back and forth between them helping them both. Nibbles had 2 little bucks, a black one and a white one. Purl had one little girl, but sadly, would not care for her. The kid was weak and after giving Purl ample chance to take over, but not willing to risk the weak little doe's life, I took her over and set her in front of Nibbles. Nibbles took her right away! Nibbles loves kids, sometimes she tries to"adopt" kids that are not hers when she doesn't have one. So here are the Nibblets soon after birth. They are 2 weeks old now, but when I went out and tried to get new picts I was swarmed by kids,lol, and could not get a good shot. Every time I tried to squat down for a picture I was instantly covered with kids trying to jump on top of me, gnaw of my clothes and chew my hair! Most of the shots looked like this..

 I am telling you all, that should be on everyone's bucket list! To have the experience of being covered in baby goats that are just loving and chewing on you! I would think it could be a treatment for depression because no one could be covered in baby goats and not laugh out loud! So any how, here is the rest of the gang..

This is J.J....which is short for Junior Junior! I know, crazy! He looks like Doodle's son we named Junior so he is, well, Junior Junior. Hey, remember we are the folks who have had goats with the wonderful names like Tube-Sock and Popsicle, so Junior Junior is not all that weird.

 This is Pete and oh, oh, oh he is the sweetest thing you every snuggled! He is just plain white but he has Nibbles' face and ears and is just lives to be loved on.
This is May Belle. She the pygora. She is a diva and would holler at the top of her little voice if Nibbles get 2 inches away from her for the first week. Now, she has gotten a little more adventurous and bounces around with her brothers more. She is beautiful. I can't wait to see her all grown up!

May Belle will stay on the farm to add to my fiber addiction! The boys will all be wethers and go out as pets. Wethers make the best pets you know. 


Barbee' said...

Thank you for all the photos of your adorable babies! Busy times at your farm for sure!

rusty duck said...

Oh, so nice to see you back and with such wonderful pics too!

If I lived anywhere near you I would certainly be over for the climbing baby goat treatment. Wonderful. Good luck with school.

Millie said...

They are all looking good! Love seeing the kids, but it makes me sad that I am retired.

Patty Woodland said...

I love the curly fur!
My kids come next month and you are right about the jumping and chewing!

the wild magnolia said...

Happy to see you here again.

Treating depression with goaties, what an amazing concept! Woot.Woot!

Pictures and words about the goaties is a favorite of mine.

Hope your schooling goes very well.

in the coop said...

Oh my word those goats are adorable! My favorite photo is the one of the goat's eyeball. I can totally picture you trying to get a photo while they are climbing all over you. So fun!
Glad you stopped by. You certainly made me smile.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

So glad you're back!! I always love your pictures of the "kids"!! I would lOVE to have a goat for a pet - but I can't even get a 2nd pooch!! Hubby doens't think we need another :-{{

Lin said...

HOORAY! I'm sooo glad you are back! I have missed you, pally!

Can I come over and be swarmed by little goaties? I think that is something I would like.

Doc said...

WHat an adorable lot you have there. Good to have you back blogging again.

wayside wanderer said...

I have missed you and oddly enough I have thought of you in the shower. Why, you ask? Soap!!! :)

Your goats are the absolute cutest ever! I love how you note they look like this one or that. haha LOVE. Do tell, what are you going back to school for? I hope it goes well. Don't be a stranger.

Kelly said...

Glad to hear from you. I know how life gets so busy that some things just have to go to a back burner. Love the goaties.

Carla said...

So glad to see your back posting. OMG those little kids are just the cutest ever. May Bella is my fav. I've never seen them that small. I past a home with a field of them and I love to watch them play when I go by.

Marigold said...

Well THERE you are! :) Now then. Peanut is an absolute perfect name. We have one ourselves (not counting all the edible ones). How can you go wrong, I ask you? Glad you are back.

TexWisGirl said...

adorable babies! glad to see you again! thought you had given up blogging for good!