Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sasquatch, Pineapples and Roses

 I had to buy The Boy new shoes this week. This is a normal occurrence when you have children....but I am not so sure the size part is normal! Have a gander at this....

No,I do not have a freakishly small foot! I have a woman's size 8! This still may not look strange to you until I tell you The Boy is only 13 and this is a size 11 1/2 shoe! Before you even ask the answer is NO,I did not have an illicit affair with Big Foot!  And yes,I know I have sausage toes,my Hubby is always reminding me by pointing and laughing at them! may remember awhile back I made some yummy pineapple pickles. I decided to to try and root the tops and grow my own pineapple plant. The site I read said you have a 50/50 chance of getting them to root...well I had 2 and it  looks like that was true!

This was easy! All you you have to do is cut out your top so it is v shaped and let it dry for a few days and remove all but a few leaves on top and stick in dirt and keep it watered. I have seen these for sale in Home Depot  every once in a while and was not willing to pay the price for them!

 On to roses! I love this rose! Even in this heat, with a little watering of course, it gives me beautiful sprays of classic scented roses!

This is considered a heritage rose and is called Buff Beauty...the flowers are not huge but they make up for it in numbers! 

So that's it for now...hope everyone has a great weekend!


the wild magnolia said...

You certainly have a growing boy there! Hah!

Love the pinapples. I have grown them before with good success.

Roses are always wonderful.

Have a good weekend and hide from the heat.

~jackie said...

I'm with you on the gigantic shoe thing. Both of my twins were in 11's by high school. My niece just finished back to school shopping with her 16 year old son, who required a FOURTEEN SHOE., it could have been worse!

Remember Pineapples take 18 months (or more) to produce. I've grown several in my garden that way, but in FL, we have year round gardening. Love, love, love that heritage rose!

Sharon said...

My #2 son - you saw his feet coming before you saw him, so I know what you are talking about!

Good for you! I have tried a bunch of times to grow a pineapple, was never successful.

Pretty roses!

You have a great weekend too!

LindaG said...

I'd guess someone in your family has large feet. :)
My dad did, and my youngest son does. But not quite that big. :)

Texan said...

I can't believe you rooted a pineapple top. I have to try that next time I buy pineapples.

I love your roses! I don't know how you grow such pretty ones!

Your son is going to be tall I bet!

Nekkid Chicken said...

OH I am sooooo trying the pineapple thing. Saenz has a foot that is now larger than mine. We seem to grow some biggums. LOL

Pricilla said...

Illicit affair with sasquatch.. heh heh
Not hairy enough anyway.

Love the roses!

wayside wanderer said...

Your roses are soooo beautiful! Oh my! How do they grow in this heat. What sheer loveliness!!!

My 14 year old wears an 11 and is 6 feet tall. We do not understand this either because he is now the tallest, big-footed person in our whole family..including the extended family. I think it is some weird peanut butter mutation because that is really all he ever eats.

Doc said...

Here in this Oregon rain we would probably be better off trying to grow that boot instead of the pineapple top.

Julia said...

My son is doomed for giganticfootness too. I have a big foot. I am tall. Genetics being what they are he will be likewise sasquachian! I think with all our good nutrition the kids just grow to maximum size these days!

Tales from the Trails said...

What do you feed that boy??!!! : )
He'll be mom's protector soon.

I might have to try the pineapple top.

The roses are beautiful.

polly's path said...

whatcha feeding that boy?
I say that after going school shopping myself with my 12 yr old and buying her shoes in my exact show size.
Each pineapple we eat gets its top planted. I have had the greatest luck with growing the plants, but unfortunately not once have mine produced fruit. I have had plants reach almost 3 feet tall, 2 feet fruit.

The Chicken Keepers said...

Beautiful flowers! Kids grow up so fast.

Teresa said...

I must say, I had the same type of experience with my son. It seemed like I had to buy bigger shoes once a month! I have tried those pineapples before, but I never heard that you had to remove most of the leaves. I might have to try it again. Beautiful roses!

Callie said...

I love those bushes all covered with little roses. I'll have to give the pineapple plant a try next time I have a pineapple around here.